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  1. GLINK and Xpine still avalible?

  2. Hi- I have the prototype Gold mount battery weight from Rocket Surgery Solutions https://www.rocketsurgerysolutions.com/gold-mount-battery-weights I asked them to build this for me so that I could shorten my post with heavier cameras. They click into your battery mounts, then you click your battery into them. The power passes straight through the weight and into your steadicam. Also good for taking your Gyros on and off with minimal adjustments to your steadicam. It’s the prototype that I used for about two years, before they started manufacturing them. This one is 3lbs, and was wired at Panavision. Still works perfectly, you should try it. $250usd, buyer pays for shipping Located in Toronto, Canada Thanks Bradley
  3. Hi- I have my Gen2 PRO battery hanger for sale. In great shape, was completely rewired six years ago at Panavision. Comes with recorder mount, bottom sliding plate mount and 3x distribution (jumper)blocks(not pictured). For an extra $200usd I can include a diode jumper block from cramped attic. $450.00usd/$650.00 with diode jumper block. Buyer pays shipping Located in Toronto, Canada Thanks! Bradley
  4. Hi- I have my “Anton Bauer Inter-Active 2000 Quad power charger” for sale. Wow that’s a long name. It’s like 20 years old, it’s been around the world and back, and looks like it. That being said, it still works like the day I got it. This is my diagnostic/deep cycle charger, but I no longer have my own batteries. I kept this alongside my TM4 quads, to perform tests and maintain my batteries. You should buy it, it’s a good tool to have in your bag of tricks. Please note, that this charger can only charge one battery at a time, but will maintain four on standby over time. $100.00usd, o.b.o. Buyer pays shipping Located in Toronto, Canada Thanks! Bradley
  5. Hi- this is my Atmos Samurai HD recorder that I used to carry on my steadicam so that I could critique my work privately at lunch or the end of the day. Comes with: video card 2x D-tap to battery connector (so it can be powered from a camera or steadicam) 2x Batteries with charger 3x BNC to miniBNC cables I might have a hotshoe to ¼-20 somewhere adapter that I could throw in if you needed it. I no longer use the recorder and would love to pass it along to someone else! $300.00USD, o.b.o. Buyer pays shipping Located in Toronto, Canada Thanks! Bradley
  6. Hi- I’m selling my 1.5” GPI PRO centre post as I’m not using it. It’s in used, but good condition, with some cosmetic scratches in the anodizing from docking. Has the upgraded HD cable with two HD lines. Fits well with Tiffen Volt. Please note I do not have the docking rings, as I bought this post to go with my Volt. Located in Toronto, Canada $2000.00 USD o.b.o. Buyer pays shipping Thanks! Bradley
  7. Hi- it’s a 2” post XCS monitor arm with a machined spacer for 1.75” inner post. Used but in good shape. Very solid. $200 USD As well, I have a Cinetronic gen 2 & 3 monitor bracket. Used but in good shape, brand new locking hardware. Fits right into the XCS monitor arm. Will also fit the SmallHD 703 with steadicam brackets. $100 USD Can be bought separately, buyer pays for shipping, located in Toronto, Canada. Thanks! Bradley
  8. I have my GLink and XSpine vest Max kit for sale. Brand new, mint condition, I was asked to buy it for the third season of Locke & Key and only used it for one shot the entire 6 months… …I walked four feet with it… Anyhow, I’m not using it and trying minimize my equipment. Located in Toronto, Canada $10,000.00 USD, buyer to cover shipping costs. Thanks! Included: xSPINE vest GLINK arms Full CF Ring 3 x Spring core sets 3 x CF Ring feet 3 x CF Ring monitor mounts xSPINE hard case GLINK hard case Docking station Tools and Tool rack xSpine Soft Bag Soft tool bag Extra side panels for xSpine vest with soft storage pouch Handheld Mount, if you’d like to mount the camera without a Ronin or Movi Movi Pro/Ronin2 mount
  9. Hi Jose. First question is why are you selling it? Is it because the Volt is integrated? Thanks Bradley Crosbie
  10. Hi Robert So you still have your Power pod for sale? Thanks Bradley
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