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  1. Has anyone attempted this yet? I'd love to run a cable down the sled and just feed it out the bottom to run from camera to monitor. Doesn't have to be pretty, but I'm trying to get rid of my HDMI Converter. Just curious. Thanks.
  2. Bump. $3,300.00 USD, FREE CONUS Shipping! Definitely willing to entertain offers too.
  3. Hey everyone! I'm selling my Bartech BFD because I've had a slight career shift and my new work doesn't need the beefier setup of the BFD and M-One Motor. Everything is in used condition, but works great. I have lots of detailed photos and I'm happy to take specific photo requests if you have something you want to see in detail before buying. I'm including everything pictured (except the table or cyc wall). There's a lot in this kit, but I'll break it down as best as I can. Frankly, there's a few cables that came with the BFD when I bought it that I'd be unable to identify properly, but I've included the detailed pictures of all cables and connectors. Here's what's in the kit: Foam-Fitted Handheld Case An ORIGINAL printout, analog paper Manual with OEM staple. Bartech BFD Wireless Transmitter - Handheld Focus Puller (S/N T1.0154) Spare Markers for BFD BFD Hardwire Cable. 25' Cable connecting the Transmitter to the Receiver in case of signal loss or faulty connection. Works great on jibs or cranes. (Reference: Image B) Bartech BFD Wireless Receiver (S/N R1.0154) Horizontal and Vertical Mounts (15mm and 19mm) New Antenna (Not pictured; I lost the original plastic antenna cover, but ordered an entirely new OEM replacement antenna.) BFD Receiver Gimbal Mount - Hard-wire Remote Control for use on a Steadicam, Movi or Ronin. (Reference: Image A) M-One Motor (S/N M-1.0010) Six gears with varying pitches for different size lenses: 0.8m - 32P (2x), 0.5m, 48P, 0.4m - 64P, and 0.6m 15mm, 17mm and 19mm rod adapters for proper mounting fit Misc Hardware for Receiver Mount and replacement screws Additional Cable Assortment 3-Pin male to 3-Pin male LEMO long hardwire power extension cable (Looks to be about 10-15 feet long. I can confirm if you'd prefer, just let me know!) (Reference: Image H) 5-Pin male to 5-Pin male LEMO connector cable from receiver to motor (Reference: Image D) 3-Pin male to 2-Pin male LEMO to power receiver from Steadicam Zephyr (and others with similar 3-Pin connector) (Reference: Image I) Anton Bauer D-Tap male to 2-pin LEMO male to power the receiver from an Anton Bauer battery or V-Mount adapter with proper D-Tap connector. (Reference: Image G) 12V 4-Pin XLR male to 2-pin LEMO male presumably powering the receiver off of beefier film cameras or battery connectors (Reference: Image E) Unidentified 2-pin male LEMO to a fun, half 2-pin male, half 2-pin female connector that I've never seen before or needed to work with. If you recognize it, you get bonus points. (Reference: Image F) I think this last one is an old Panavision connector, if memory serves. But, I'm really not certain on this one either. It's a half 1-pin male, half 1-pin female LEMO connector and a fat 11-pin male connector on the other end. (Reference: Image C) Price: $3750 USD FREE SHIPPING to USA. Will provide quote for international Shipping. Payment via Paypal for Shipping or cash for Local Pickup: Boston area) Pictures attached:
  4. Hey everyone, Hopefully quick question here. I have the Zephyr and I'm prepping it for resale. I've been running a separate Marshall HD monitor on my Steadicam, pretty much since owning it. But, at some point along the way, I seem to have misplaced my power/video cable that connects to the OEM Steadicam SD monitor. It's a funky 9-pin connector and I can't seem to find a place to purchase replacements anywhere. Either through Tiffen (although I'd open that someone like Alan Rencher might be able to make it for cheaper than what I'd imagine Tiffen would sell them for. Does anyone know where I can find this cable? Should I go through Alan to see if he can build it custom? I'd like to be able to sell a functioning monitor with the kit. Any help is appreciated!
  5. Hi all, I'm looking to sell my Steadicam Zephyr kit to fund other projects. It's used, but in very good-to-excellent condition. Always stored in its case, cleaned regularly and never abused. I have a complete kit and I'd like to sell as a complete kit, but some accessories that were purchased separately could be parted out, depending on interest. In the kit, I have: - Steadicam Zephyr Arm - Steadicam Zephyr Large Vest (One of the locking pins on the vest has been repaired from a clean break, but it does not affect the integrity of the vest and I've used it extensively afterward with zero issues.) - Steadicam Zephyr Sled w/ V-Mount Battery Bracket - Steadicam Zephyr SD Monitor (Missing connector cable, which can be purchased from Tiffen for somewhere around $200, if I recall. I never replaced it because I used my Marshall HD Monitor in its place.) - Steadicam Rolling Case - Branded, with custom foam inserts cut for sled and accessories. - Baby C-stand with the Zephyr balancing arm. - All original Steadicam Zephyr accessories (balancing weights, cheese plate, manuals, DVDs, etc.) - 2x IDX V-Mount Batteries and Simultaneous Charger (I'd actually prefer to keep these myself as I use them for other things, but if it makes or breaks a sale, I'll include them.) - Steadicam Low Mode Bracket - I'm likely forgetting something, so if you're curious about anything else, just feel free to ask. Other items of interest (I'll continue to update this as I go through my stuff): - Marshall V-LCD-651STX-HDSDI Monitor w/ Sony Battery Plate and V-Mount Battery Plate (user replaceable) - Janice Arthur's Practice/Extra Weight Cage - A list of extra/accessory cables that I'll update soon. Everything is located in the Boston, MA area and I'd prefer to sell it regionally local as the kit could be viewed locally and inspected prior to sale; however, I am open to putting together shipping rates for buyers if that's what ends up working best. I haven't thought about pricing yet, as it will largely depend on what gets packaged together in the kit at the time of sale, so let's just start up a conversation first and tell me what you're interested in and we can work out a deal from there. Again, pictures and updates to come. I just wanted to start the ball rolling today and gauge any early interest. All the best!
  6. Hi Victor, Do you still have this item for sale? The ebay listing appears to have been taken down? Thanks!
  7. That took me more time than it should have to realize that it wasn't his actual arm, but the arm on his rig. You should've seen my horrified face!
  8. I should also specify that I need the 3G-SDI model and not the HDMI models. Thanks all!
  9. This is hilarious. Bad form withstanding, I wished I looked that "cool" while operating. Maybe operating in the Boston winter wearing nothing but my underwear'll do that. ;)
  10. Best of luck finding a trade! However, I might posit that i can think of very few situations in which one might want to trade a larger rig for a smaller rig + cash. You might have better luck (and more options) trying to sell your Pilot and putting the money toward purchasing a used larger rig of your choice! Just a thought.
  11. Hey all, I'm in the market for a Marshall 6.5" Transflective monitor. I'd prefer it with AB or V-mount plates, but I'm not 100% set on just those two options, as most of the time, I'll power it off my sled. Is anyone interested in parting with this seemingly beloved treasure. (I don't know if it's just me, but they only seem to pop up on the second-hand market every so often, and never when I'm ready to pull the trigger.) So, just let me know if you're interested and maybe we can make something happen. Thanks everyone!
  12. Most rental houses should have a wireless follow focus system available, should you not already have your own.
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