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  1. Thanks, Chris. I agree, probably just a security thing- feeling something on my rear hip bones and all. Someday I'll get that Exovest, because I'm getting older and more aware of the advantages of breathing ;-). But for now, especially still in the pandemic and the kind of work I do, I need to be a bit tight. If anyone looks up this thread down the line: For now, I did get a back attachment from these folks: https://backupbrace.com (they do belt support for police officers who wear guns and tasers on their belts all day). I just replaced the stock Zephyr pad with it. So far, for me, this is getting better. Still not perfect, I can see ways to make it better, but it gives a much more secure feeling to me having something back there with some rigidity that touches my hip bones a bit. Thanks! Patrick
  2. Has anybody felt the need (as I do) to put a longer & wider lumbar pad onto the Zephyr vest? What it comes with seems skimpy compared to other vests, but other than that I do still like the vest. I’ve looked at things like police/security belt supports. I’m curious what others have done- DIY hacks or specialized retailers, etc. Or, if it’s just me thinking the vest sure could use a lot more love in the back.
  3. I’ve lately been wondering the same thing. I’ve had my Zephyr for about a decade. It will be nice to breathe some new life into it with these capabilities. I’ve ordered the Tilta power base. We have a running in a park shoot in a couple of weeks, perhaps this could be a good test. Maybe my arm is a bit different than Charles’ was, but we’ve definitely loaded it up a lot heavier with no ill effects. Started on a Red One MX which probably was 15 lbs+, and regularly these days run any RED DSMC or the Panasonic Varicam LT or the Arri Mini fully loaded. To be clear though- I think the Zephyr came in two “weight classes”, and we did get the beefy original version, and I don’t think I’ve ever fully extended its post (just haven’t had to). Super jelly about your Arri Trinity job, Charles! Good for you, man! Great idea, Manuel!
  4. Marcus is awesome! Thanks for the recommendation! He said I can come in to try the vest when I'm ready, which I will. Thanks, Chris!
  5. Thanks, Chris! I've contacted Marcus. Saving up to buy one of your Exovests, they look amazing. Patrick
  6. Thanks in advance. I contacted Tiffen but no response. The machine screws that hold the shoulder straps on my Zephyr vest need to be replaced (lost 2 of them). They're small, hex top black screws. Does anybody know where to get these and what they're called? I bought a screw measurer but it's not so helpful to me. It looks like a size 8 screw, maybe, as far as diameter. If it's Imperial, not Metric. I did a search on Amazon and got pretty much nowhere. Not sure on length, maybe 1/4". Threads I'm at a loss.
  7. Another Zephyr owner, here. It's also my first "real" steadicam, but I've used tons of lesser knockoffs for years. I'm glad that time is over with! Like most here, I love my zephyr. I got the standard vest, because to me it felt better. I fly RED MX, mostly- and Epic soon, I guess. I'll be using it with David Allen Grove's rickshaw later this week on a short film I'm directing. Which points up the only downside I've had with the zephyr- the socket's just not the same as the high end steadicams. It's a pita to deal with, but hey- for what it is, it's great. And I see the zephyr as a real bright star with the lighter high-tech cameras out there. I can get into places a big rig would have problems with. I have been told by a couple of guys that I should replace the stage with a full-sized one. Not sure I need to, though. Mark, I was also surprised about the safety stop. I see a hole for it, but nothing came for it. Ah, well. Thanks for the tip on the aux battery hanger! Patrick
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