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  1. Marcus is awesome! Thanks for the recommendation! He said I can come in to try the vest when I'm ready, which I will. Thanks, Chris!
  2. Thanks, Chris! I've contacted Marcus. Saving up to buy one of your Exovests, they look amazing. Patrick
  3. Thanks in advance. I contacted Tiffen but no response. The machine screws that hold the shoulder straps on my Zephyr vest need to be replaced (lost 2 of them). They're small, hex top black screws. Does anybody know where to get these and what they're called? I bought a screw measurer but it's not so helpful to me. It looks like a size 8 screw, maybe, as far as diameter. If it's Imperial, not Metric. I did a search on Amazon and got pretty much nowhere. Not sure on length, maybe 1/4". Threads I'm at a loss.
  4. Another Zephyr owner, here. It's also my first "real" steadicam, but I've used tons of lesser knockoffs for years. I'm glad that time is over with! Like most here, I love my zephyr. I got the standard vest, because to me it felt better. I fly RED MX, mostly- and Epic soon, I guess. I'll be using it with David Allen Grove's rickshaw later this week on a short film I'm directing. Which points up the only downside I've had with the zephyr- the socket's just not the same as the high end steadicams. It's a pita to deal with, but hey- for what it is, it's great. And I see the zephyr as a real bright star with the lighter high-tech cameras out there. I can get into places a big rig would have problems with. I have been told by a couple of guys that I should replace the stage with a full-sized one. Not sure I need to, though. Mark, I was also surprised about the safety stop. I see a hole for it, but nothing came for it. Ah, well. Thanks for the tip on the aux battery hanger! Patrick
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