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  1. Has anyone mounted it in a yoke? not lots of images out there but it looks like the mounting holes on the left of the screen are only top and bottom Would love to see a picture of how you're using it.
  2. Have been bombarded with a bit of promotion for the Arm X1 by Smartsystem - www.smartsystem.it - anyone tried it? Any thoughts? I believe it was in Paris at the stabilizer event this weekend?
  3. Hi Diego - would you consider splitting up the package? I'm interested in the sled only - would you send me an email? I'm not great at using the forum! adam@bigmess.co.uk
  4. Looking for a good deal on a sled at the moment - what have folks got going for sale at the moment? Not interested in anything small, flyer/zephyr etc. I'm thinking something like a Baer-Bel perhaps, maybe an Ultra 1, possibly even a Master. Would imagine that any of the newer rigs will be out of my budget for this. Hit me up with what you've got and an idea of the price you're looking for! Thanks Adam.
  5. G70-X Arm for sale. £11,000 (+VAT). OBO. Excellent condition arm, comes in a custom fitted Peli Storm iM3100. Includes regular G70 arm post, arm tool, 1/4" Allen key, and an arm-post adaptor for the 3A gimbal. Also has rain covers. Serviced by Optical support just before Christmas 2016. No maintenance required - simply got cleaned. Looked after like my first-born with only a couple of cosmetic blemishes. Purchased directly from Tiffen UK end of 2013. Located in London UK, but can often be found frequenting pubs in the Gloucester/Bristol area. Shipping is your responsibility!
  6. 3a gimbal for sale - it's the one Joe Lawry had for sale last year (http://www.steadicamforum.com/index.php?showtopic=18070&hl=%2Bjoe+%2Blawry+%2Bgimbal) I've had it as a back up but no longer in need - £600+shipping. Would like to offload it fairly quickly - messages on here or adam (at) bigmess.co.uk I'm in the UK - London to be specific... Cheers!
  7. Make-up dept have also got me out of a sticky situation with their pouches when it comes to rain-covering my monitor...
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