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  1. have been ripped off twice before a fact - not a personaI shit post
  2. Arm, Batteries, Chargers SOLD. Backstage Jr. Cart XCS dock Sushi Server Walter Klassen vest still available. please make any offers.
  3. Accepting offers, especially combining items, I'm open minded. Shipping not included, NY tristate based for pickup or dropoff. Please PM me or reach me at RobertGChristman@Gmail.com for any questions or offers. Just finished my last feature, looking forward to R&R. Silver Spring Arm, 2 posts, tool, carrying bag. little cosmetic exterior damage, everything else is in excellent shape. asking around 5K https://www.dropbox.com/sh/l5oavyqnyui4b80/AABXXQiGRZVm-IH_Y9OnacPNa?dl=0 Walter Klassen vest with spare parts and carrying bag. 2.6K https://www.dropbox.com/sh/93jnih9jz48gscv/
  4. Yes, Vijaya. I'm cleaning out everything I own over time. Everything goes to a good cause.
  5. Trusty Bartech Kit. Asking $1,400 PM me with questions or offers. Thanks. Has a handy belt clip I modified onto the remote. Link to pictures https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ymcikemsrohvo8r/AAD8qnKHIBu5r08_MHpE-lUqa?dl=0 BFD KIT -stock box -remote w/ lanyard -remote belt clip -transmitter box -Heden M28VP-20714 -P-tap - 2 pin lemo -5 pin lemo -5 pin lemo, right angle -2 pin lemo - 4 pin lemo -2 pin lemo - pro short -2 pin lemo - pro long -2 pin lemo - 4 pin -21 focus strips -5 focus dry erase wheels -4 pin lemo - thumb focus box -19mm/15mm transmitter box to rail a
  6. Selling gear separately from my entire kit now. Asking 15K USD, OBO. Please feel free to PM me questions and offers. NY based. Link to more pictures at the bottom. The BFD attached to the sled will be sold separately in a later post. Cinetronic monitor is optional, it has some blemishes but works fine. SLED -GPI PRO GEN II top and bottom stages -HD cable upgrade -2” XCS post -2” Gorelock ring -XCS 1.5” docking ring -XCS monitor hanger -XCS Ergo gimbal and handle -Gorelock -2, Panna plates (1 long, 1 short) -4, GPI PRO jumper blocks -Cinetronic Gen 1 monitor w/ stock yolk
  7. For those asking, I will be selling items separately if the entire package doesn't sell. Please feel free to PM me about the items and I will get back to you if and when. Please feel free to make offers for the entire kit in the meantime. I am NY based. Thank you!
  8. Selling everything Steadicam. $34K for all, not including any shipping. It would be great to find a US East Coast Op looking to upgrade. Please PM me if interested or have any questions. Pictures are in a dropbox link below with a PDF list of the gear too. GPI Pro Gen II top and bottom, HD cable XCS 2" telescoping post XCS Ergo gimbal (bondhus tool) Gorelock docking ring 2" XCS low mode docking ring 2 Pana Plates sled rain cover- lower box and monitor Cinetronic Gen 1 - 7" monitor w/ yolk (2 slight blemishes, nothing major) Walter Klassen backmount vest (bag, spare parts,
  9. I also play, acoustic mainly, now that my eardrums constantly ring from a monstrous fullstack I used to own for live shows. I use my callouses to my advantage and I can feel the webed grips of my gimbal grind on my finger tips when panning and such, giving me more control to stop or throw the sled into motion. Using my pinky to influence tilt comes very naturally from stretching my playing/operating hand on a guitar neck. I almost never play my nylon stringed guitar to keep my fingers feeling like there is dried superglue on em. It also helps on music videos, having and understanding of mu
  10. sometimes I buy the pine tree freshener's for cars and put them in my cases. when the cases are closed for a few days, the manufactured pine smell pops out.
  11. If you are serious about joining this craft, this workshop is a must! I attended many years ago and I have grown so fast afterwards. I learned so much and had reinforced what I had already known. For anyone on the forum asking 'how do I balance my 5d on this cool stick I just bought?', PLEASE take the workshop! Good people, good food and good vibes!
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