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  1. Looking for a cinetronic Gen 2 with CDL would be nice
  2. its not worth too much in this day and age most ops wouldnt give it a second a look, i think its still decent rig that with sled overhaul can do some decent work with, you looking to sell it or use it ? or send it to a loving home
  3. Looking for a low budget high brightness monitor
  4. how has the range on this unit been? latency, image quality ? im thinking about using it for live to switcher type stuff thanks
  5. I have an SK with an almost scratch built sled, But im looking to make it a double arm. So if anybody knows of an SK arm for sale that would much appreciated.
  6. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Vivat-Steady-HDV-Vivat-Vest-and-Arm-camera-stabilizer-steadicam-bag-as-gift-/251298629040 I didnt think there would already be a knock of the exo-vest http://gifatron.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/arrested-development-dont-know-what-expected.gif
  7. So one of the Jobs we do is provide live IMAG and or web-casting for live events in SD, And I'd love to get a my steadicam in the mix with a wireless system. So I've been looking at a Coherent CVT-1400/1500 system. But i've been wondering about using an RC aircraft FPV system. the ones in the 5.8 GHz are usually only a couple hundred bucks and have great ranges. But my main concern with either the coherent or the RC FPV system is quality. I mean were not broadcasting here or anything, but these are DXC D50 cameras running composite video, so I want the steadicam to look as good as possible. any other recomendations?
  8. Hi I'm looking for an sk or skii arm. So that i can upgrade my current SK to a provid style two section arm. any help would be appreciated, thanks .
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