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  1. just one more quick question. In Tiffen's M2-core deal, the Zephyr vest follows. I have been told it has a max load of 23 kg, including the arm and sled. How big an issue will it be if I want to be able to fly regular Alexa mini camera packages?
  2. Thanks for the replys guys. really appreciate it. I will go for the M2-core and then I just have to upgrade in the future if it requires that. All the best Sebastian
  3. Hi Operators Im new to steadicam and to get started I intend to invest in the new M2 package that Tiffen has launched. but I hope to get a pro advice or two from you experienced operators in here The set comes with a 1.58 post and a G50x arm. will it be a challenge in the long run in terms of weight loading or have the cameras gradually become so much lighter that it will not have much significance? The arm I Can always swap to a g70x in the future, but is the g50x a good choice to begin with? I would like to fly anything from the mini to amira and anything between. and what about the post. Is 1.58 a bad choice? Is there anyone who has bought the set and who has some advice regarding what is a good idea to buy as a addition right away? thank you in advance for your help Sincerely Sebastian
  4. Nevermind, I will go for the Archer2 insted. Zephyr seems to have to many limitations :) If admin read this, please delete topic, thanks..
  5. Hi It may be a topic that has been asked before, but I hope to get an answer here anyway. I have been working as a film photographer for 10+ years and have now decided to start my next chapter up, going into the Steadicam world. I have used Steadicam very limited before, but have an idea about it. I have the opportunity to attend the Gold workshop this summer, which I will do. But I would also like to go out and invest in my own equipment. My question then is whether Steadicam Zephyr is a place to start, or whether it will limit me so much from the start that it's better to wait until the savings are big enough to go all-in? There is, for me, a big difference between going out and buying a Zephyr for 12.000$, rather than an M2 for 47.000$. It would probably take me a year or two to get that money set aside at the moment and I would like to get started now. I currently shoot a lot at Arri Amira, Arri Alexa Mini, various RED, Canon C500mkII etc. and that is one of the things that worries me about Zephyr. Is it a bad choice to start with if you know you want to fly movie cameras and not DSLR at all? I am aware that there is a limit to the weight, but your experience says that it will be an eternal headache with a weight limit of 10.4 kg, or is your impression that the most cameras will gradually become so light that it can actually be done In most cases? Zephyr is gradually becoming an older system, does anyone know if there is anything newer on the way in the same class that it makes more sense to wait for? Here are a few of the perhaps stupider questions: - When it says that Zephyr can carry 10.4 kg. So is it with everything that is on the pole? Camera with all accessories, monitor, batteries, etc. or is that what you put on top, ie camera with accessories? - in several places there is disagreement about whether the cabling inside the pole is powerful enough to power cameras like Arri. Does anyone have a clear answer to that. If I buy extra battery mount so I have 2 batteries on each minimum 150Wh, is that possible or is there a limitation? --- summary, is Zephyr a good place to start for the above cameras and with limited experience with Steadicam, but in return for intending to use it professionally and eventually upgrade to a larger rig? I hope you will take the time to answer my many questions, so I make a sensible choice and get started on this exciting world. The best greetings Sebastian
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