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  1. Hi fellow operators and friends, Steaditees are still up for grabs! Get one now and wear it on set, without really needing to wear the "actual one" on set for the whole day :) In response to Ron's question, I am afraid the shirts are for uni-sex at the moment. :) Get yours now at http://www.steaditees.bigcartel.com Cheers guys.
  2. Hi Emily, I got a feeling that it might be your WK vest that might be causing some of the operating issues, have you done the "hands free" test to check if your sled is balanced with your standing posture already? If it is possible, you might want to check out a local rental house or a friend to test out traditional front mounted vests, and see if that might be a better option for you. I wouldn't say the footsteps is the main issue here, but your panning, to keep it easy you can always just do some panning exercises just on your docking bracket, and try to get it to be as smooth as possibl
  3. zephyr vibrations (esp on red epics) is a known issue. I had my fair share of it when I owned the Zephyr previously. the vibrations come unexpectedly and is not directly related to your footsteps, socket block, etc. I may guess that the shaking is just on the horizontal axis, and the shot behaves as if you are on a boat? tilting from left to right like a minor jiggle? judging from your gimbal position, it will be more ideal if you can shorten up your post a bit and shift up the gimbal, that will help bring the CG of the general rig down and closer to the gimbal. It is ok to have a heavy bui
  4. I am pleased to announce 2 different uniquely hand drawn Steadicam Vest T-shirts to the Steadicam community worldwide. At the moment, LX and UX designs are available And to celebrate Christmas and spread some Christmas cheer, prices have been lowered! Please visit http://steaditees.bigcartel.com/ to place your order, alternatively you can always email in to steaditees@gmail.com and I will be happy to answer any of your questions. Thanks all, and have a good December guys!
  5. So can we be slightly sure that if we connect everything before powering up the sled, it should be safe to use?? As mentioned by Joe and Jess. zhong wei
  6. Greetings Joe! This will be my 3rd time replacing my SDI board, over both my marshall monitors. the 70HXB and the 651STX. and I do believe that they share the same component board. I am not sure how much it costs over at your place, but it is approx 200 USD a pop over here in Singapore. You had similiar issues with a Transvideo monitor? Well that's of concern, I thought this issue only attributed to Marshall monitors. Could you kindly share how did the Transvideo monitor got damaged as well? Might be good learning points for all of us here :) Zhong Wei
  7. I had the EXACT same issue. fried my marshall twice. cost me 250 SGD to replace the SDI circuit board, my teradek was at the bottom of my sled The 24V switch by itself wouldnt cause the monitor to get fried, the 3 pin lemo from the archer2 base has separate pins, if i remember, pin 2 is 12V, pin 3 is 24V, it wouldn't cause the damage as for the 8pin lemo breakout cable, there are 2 different pins on the 8pin that supply 12V and 24V respectively. pin 2 does 12V, pin 7 does 24V. I dont think the pin number 1 (positive) on the 4pin XLR would have been able to receive current from bot
  8. A little one take I did during a live-to-youtube show in May, director requested for a steadicam to follow Carly Rae Japsen and to frame the LED wall at the back (they wanted to feature the video compliation while she performs) as best as possible. just one rehearsal the day before, and wham! a lot of unpredictable movements, I did the best I could. segment starts at 0:15 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OjuLfps9UCA Thank you for watching!
  9. Hi Ron, Looking at the picture that you have posted of the AB battery seated on 2x 357 plates, I think it might do more harm than good due to the increased number of contact points, right now it takes 3 different tiny screws before it hits the battery position. Increased amount of flex, vibrations etc will be introduced. having the battery placed in that position will also imply that the sled will need to be further out in relation to the operator when in missionary position or when during switches, increased effort I must say. I have flown rigs with motors attached to the sides or
  10. System is still available, Please direct all enquiries to wanzw89@gmail.com thank you.
  11. Hi Chris, If you dun mind a zephyr, have a look :) http://www.steadicamforum.com/index.php?showtopic=17657
  12. Hi everyone. I have a complete Steadicam Zephyr SD V Mount package for sale. The package is purchased during December 2011. Condition is good, a bit of a scratch on the vest, nothing major, minor scratch on the arm due to usage, no dents or whatever. Travelling case has scratches due to storage and transport, but no malfunctions at all, everything is perfectly intact!! Package includes: 1x Zephyr Sled 1x Dovetail Mounting Plate with 1x 3/8", 1x 1/4" mounting screws 1x SD 7" Monitor, with DIN Connector - 6pin Hirose connector cable, brand new unused 1x Zephyr arm ( mi
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