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  1. Sorry nobody has responded to you yet. I would recommend getting yourself on the waiting list on the SOA website and hope that one opens up, and be willing to travel. It sounds like COVID created a logjam for workshops and it might be next year or longer before the logjam clears up.
  2. I'm interesting your sled.

    1. Tanatip Khamchan

      Tanatip Khamchan

      Still avilable?


  3. Up for sale is a Masters sled that is in working order, but has not been professionally serviced or inspected in at least 10 years. I just pulled this sled from the gear locker at my alma mater (film school) and it was the sled that I learned on while I was a student there. After I left the program, there was nobody who took an interest in Steadicam, so the rig has been resting in the case for the last 5-6 years. The rig powers up fine from the gold mount, supplying power to the monitor and up the post (picture with the Bartech RX is drawing power from the topstage) and the analog vi
  4. Ah nice, that is helpful, but I still have to make a bunch of assumptions: So, assuming you're going to shoot full 6k raw 3:2 "open gate", that is a capture resolution of 6048 x 4032. Assuming you're shooting 2x anamorphic lenses, your desqueeze will be easy math (divide the vertical resolution in half) resulting in 6048x2016. This is a 3:1 aspect ratio, which is way too wide. Multiply your new vertical resolution by the desired aspect ratio, and that will tell you how much horizontal pixels to cut. Assuming 2.40:1 is desired result: 2016*2.4=4838. 4838x2016 is your answer in this scenar
  5. Hey, thank you for the response! That is a good perspective to have. I sure enjoyed learning on this rig when I was at the university. I think the plan is to sell the sled as-is, so I might be creating a classified post for it shortly.
  6. It's pretty easy math if you know the exact resolution in pixels of your capture format. You say 4K 4:3 but that doesn't really mean anything....the two standards of "4K" are UHD (3840x2160px) and DCI (4096x2160px), neither of which are a 4:3 aspect ratio. Also, your final ratio is interesting....2.1:1 doesn't sound like a standard I have heard of. 2.39:1 or 2.40:1 are the common cinemascope final aspect ratios. Perhaps you meant a 2:1 pixel ratio for the anamorphic desqueeze? That is part of the process of shooting 2x anamorphic lenses on digital.
  7. Hey all, The film school I graduated from could use some guidance on their old Steadicam rig. I had many good times with this old thing when I was a student there, and tried my best to take care of it, but in the last 5 years or so, it has severely fallen behind on its needed maintenance. Sled: Masters Broadcast? Gold mount, but power is intermittent. Unsure if SD video line still works. Panasonic monitor unsure if working. I'm sure the topstage needs a tuneup, and the bottom stage is obviously a mess. Arm: ??? Not sure what model it is. I know it had been serviced about 5 ye
  8. Hello All! This is my first post on this forum. I'll just start off by saying that I am a 20 year old film student who is completely fascinated with Steadicam operation and it is my dream to include it in my career. At my school we have a full-size rig (I apologize, I do not know the exact model, I just know that it's rather old and ill-maintained) and a RED One camera that flies well on the rig. I am one of the only students at my school authorized to fly this setup, and I take advantage of this privilege as much as possible. I've flown for a couple student short films and I practice
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