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  1. Not sure if these are still available, but I sent an email to the one you listed above.
  2. I had blindly asked this question, but I see now the difference in attachment points--I had looked at the xREACH before, and my brain switched the two for some silly reason. I'd be interested to know what Flowcine says, @chris iwanow, but if the arm would be long enough to reach around the ExoVest waist, then an adapter could probably be machined...
  3. Does one need a special adapter to use this with an ExoVest?
  4. Apologies--I forgot to update this post. Sold within an hour of posting.
  5. Sale possibly pending (I was not expecting it to go this fast.)
  6. Correspondence at steadiclements(a)gmail.com, or via text at 859 553 2987.
  7. This is it: the big one. The mothership. The cart your cart wants to be. Built like a tank! Solid as a rock! Your oasis in base camp! Other hyperbolic statements! Asking $1800, will consider offers. Willing to ship if you're willing to pay for it, otherwise pickup in Lexington, KY. I'll also deliver to anywhere within a reasonable distance of there (I'd consider Atlanta or possibly Chicago "reasonable.") This is one of five carts built by Erwin Landau. I am the second owner, and have added and adapted a few things to make it easier to travel. Hopefully the pictures are description enough, but here’s some info: All aluminum construction (welded joints, bolts and nuts where necessary) Traveling handle/cover becomes battery shelf Mast and pads for docking sled Construction features “bumper” area to protect docked sled during travel. Mast bracket has holes for patio/beach umbrella 10” pneumatic casters 3” tilt-back casters for compact size Added handles on sides, added holders for two posts in bottom compartment I’ve replaced the carpet on bottom main compartment, and I can replace the other parts before sale is completed Including a Pelican 1770 for accessories and travel Case with pads, front bar, two posts: approx. 76 lbs Pelican with wheels, mast, accessories: approx. 94 lbs The following accessories will be included: Vest hanger (pictured on back of cart) Stand hanger (pictured on side of cart near front) Large umbrella (pictured in outdoor picture) Wheel chocks Extra 3D-printed thumbscrews (happy to share STL, too) Extra screws for all points All casters have been greased and checked for leaks (one smart caster has a cracked bearing that makes it loud when pushed at speed or unloaded, but it is still perfectly functional) I’m selling because I’m changing my workflow a bit. All of my work for the past few years has been broadcast, and most of that has been travel. This cart is a bit of a bear when dealing with airport shuttles and rental cars (I recommend a minivan) but it can be done. However, it would be most at home in a situation where it doesn’t have to move too often—ideally on a feature with a liftgate truck, or in a studio. Big wheels and a wide footprint do make it almost-all-terrain, and I’ve used it as a luggage cart many times in flat configuration with two posts (see picture.) Also some elevators may give you problems if they’re not deep enough…
  8. What's the post size on the back for balancing? 3/4" or 5/8"?
  9. Selling my Glidecam V-25 arm. Haven’t had it serviced or anything, but I know it works well. I used it for years, pretty consistently maxing it out and it still did alright. B&H says the Glidecam V-25 arm weight capacity is 25-40 lbs, which needs to include your sled. If your sled is too heavy, you’ll have no room for camera weight. I think an EFP-type sled would probably do well—something more on the lightweight side. I may be selling one of those soon, too...after this arm sells, though. My friend Thomas Crescenzo machined an adapter piece to use a standard Steadicam socket on this arm, so I could use it on a regular vest and give myself a path to upgrading. I’ll include the original Glidecam pieces, if you have a Glidecam vest you’d rather use with it. This is a standard 5/8” arm post, so should fit the smaller rigs (that aren’t a Zephyr.) I’m including a long post as well. Asking $1,000 and am open to reasonable offers. Email steadiclements@gmail for correspondence.
  10. Note that they also probably spell it "steadycam."
  11. I'm potentially interested. How would one get in contact with you?
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