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  1. Note that they also probably spell it "steadycam."
  2. I'm potentially interested. How would one get in contact with you?
  3. Selling my analog Bartech kit. Asking $2500, free shipping within CONUS. - Analog Tx/Rx (S/N 0748) and antennae - Heden M28P-90103 motor - D-tap to LEMO power cable - LEMO-LEMO power cable - "Dogbone" for 15mm rods - 10k pot for thumb control - Extra 32-pitch and iris wheels for 15mm mounts - Extra mounts (small black one needs a new screw to tighten) - Extra strips for handwheel - Case with foam Would be great for someone just starting out (as it was for me.) Works flawlessly, I just need the money for something else right now.
  4. I've got a small run of voltage adapters and USB cables. The voltage adapter has a standard D-tap cable in and a 2.1mm DC jack out, and the USB cables are available in either micro or mini. 2A max. Perfect for charging phones, or for small on-camera lights that need USB inputs. I can also provide extra 2.1mm cables to power 5V accessories (e.g., Monoprice SDI-HDMI adapters that run on 5V.) Shipping's extra, but it won't be much. Coming from Kentucky, USA. PayPal, Venmo, Apple Cash all accepted.
  5. I'm listing three tripods for which we have no use anymore. They're older with signs of significant use, but are functionally in great shape. Please contact me at lclements(at)hammondcg.com or PM me for more information and pictures. First is an O'Connor 1030-S (or -A, not sure which) with a mini-Euro QR plate adapter, and the original O'Connor sticks--I think they're aluminum or steel, but they are not carbon fiber. Both handles are included, and original plate without screws. The mini-Euro configuration is the exact same plate as Sachtler's top-load plate. I'm asking $2500 Sec
  6. At the risk of a strange introduction, here's what I've done. I decided to buy one of the ProAim knock-offs--the Flycam Flujo, to be specific. I did so for a few reasons: firstly, having actually put hands on it when a friend bought one, I recognized that the bones were there, and the ability to not only hold a camera, but to let me adjust balance and arm tension; secondly, I wanted to see if I could make such a thing work at a professional level; and thirdly, I simply cannot justify (in the market here in Virginia Beach) the upfront investment of a "real" rig--however, by keeping the cost of
  7. Indeed you were. My mistake--I've used the Flyer LE quite a bit, and I agree with you on the vest. I tend to shoot for a middle-of-the-range load anyway, just to keep as much potential energy out of the springs as possible. I've spent some time combing the forums about the Zephyr and its foibles (and you've actually helped me answer some questions about it before--thanks again!) but I just don't see being able to support it here. Perhaps as I investigate this thread of possibility, I will follow up on here. The Flycam sled has developed some electrical issues, and I'm going to be taking it
  8. The website lists the lift capacity as "2 to 20 lbs" which I highly, highly doubt. So far, we've flown a JVC HM700U, which is not a terribly heavy camera, and it didn't seem to favor too well. I've only had a few hours to mess around with it--dubbed it all "Further Research Required". Hopefully next week I will get his rig from him and run it through the gamut. The heaviest thing I've got here is an Arri SR3, which will clock in at probably 25 lbs with a 400' reel, or a variety of cameras in the SR3 mattebox/rails system. I hadn't heard that about the Zephyr vest--that's good to know. The
  9. With all due respect, I'm only asking for the measurements. I have a lot of ideas about this system, and were I to go through with this, I would not simply throw the arm on the vest: I would work to adapt it, either milling the current post down, or searching for the correct parts to replace it with something more appropriate. While I am the first person to preach about the Tiffen/Steadicam "name-brand" stuff (I have been the Steadicam teacher at my school for the past year, having to work with a Glidecam X-22 system is infuriating to say the least) I am also a realist and an engineer. Whi
  10. The arm is a "Proaim 7000". A friend of mine bought the whole "Flycam Fluojo" set on eBay, which I have been pretty leary of, but it's actually quite solid--they've taken a lot of cues from the higher-end Steadicam systems, even if some of the execution is a little off. The arm is almost a cross between the Flyer/Zephyr arms and the G-50/G-70's, and works pretty well as yet, but the Flycam vest they provide is a nightmare. Again, it takes cues from the Steadicam vests, with the ability to clamp down to provide that extra snug fight (which is much more than I can say for the Glidecam X-22..
  11. Does someone have a measurement/size of the socket block holes/posts? If you have both the smaller and larger sizes (Zephyr/Flyer and Clipper/Ultra), that would be greatly appreciated. Reason being, I have an arm that works, and I am trying to see if I can get a Steadicam or Klassen vest that will work and be more comfortable than the one that's included.
  12. I'm looking to buy a Steadicam Zephyr--a demo model, gently used, or somebody who wants to upgrade and is selling their old system. I would like the V-mount, but I'm willing to take anything. I've looked at all the rigs and used the Flyer LE quite a bit, but am currently stuck using a Glidecam X-22. I think the Zephyr is exactly what I need for my market. My price range is negotiable--tell me what you want to sell it for, and I'll see what I can work out.
  13. Fascinating. The only 24v camera at my school is an Arri SR3, which I've just flown on their Glidecam, so I know it'll work with the Zephyr, but obviously the Glidecam doesn't do power through the sled (one of its oh-so-many shortcomings.) I'll be sure to check the other thread about power-hungry cameras, but the market around VA Beach isn't exactly saturated with much above a RED One.
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