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  1. Jorge Novoa Royo

    Zephyr roll call

    I'm from Spain and owner operator of a zephyr. Wear with almost three years and each time I am more happy with the rig It's my first rig and with which I have been slowly discovering and learning the profession At first I was a little scared because I did not know where I could get up capacity rig and now I can say it's amazing as much as I've been flown to the sony 900r with matebox and follow focus and note that the rig does not suffer if it is true that this was their limit Sorry about my English
  2. Jorge Novoa Royo

    Zephyr top stage vibrations

  3. Jorge Novoa Royo

    Zephyr top stage vibrations

    I had the same problem since some time ago I noticed some slack in the top stage I opened the plastic case and tightened the three screws The clearance has disappeared