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  1. Hello, I am selling my Artemis ACT1 arm maximum capacity load = 57,2lbs (26KG) It's in perfect working condition. All Rope segment have been replaced to new in march 2019 I am selling It with the carrying bag + spare old rope segment PRICE = 4000 euros Location = FRANCE PM me if interested thank you
  2. The safety screws are standard on my XCS plate and yes there is also one on the front ! there is also an other safety system for other brand sled
  3. Hello, I don't know if all XCS plate fit on M1 top stage, but as you can see on the pictures my XCS plate (standard version bought in 2017 ) perfectly fit on my M1 top stage :-) Grégory
  4. Hello, On the two pictures below I noticed that the motors of the M1 volt are setup at the oposite side of the gimble. The setup on Photo N°1 seems more suitable for goofy (more room for the hand Under the gimble + easier to put on the shoulder for rest position) The setup on Photo N°2 seems better for regular ops Can we choose the side of the setup when we order the M1 Volt?? Thanks Grégory Dupé
  5. With the M1 Volt Is it still possible to put the sled on our soulder in rest position? I forgot to test that :-( If it is not possible do you have other rest position to suggest when we are far from our docking bracket? Thanks. Grégory
  6. Thank you very much ... very friendly :-) I ll try to find someone who can do that
  7. Hello Damien, I received mine in January 2016 . I have had a few component issues with it at the begigning but Tiffen quickly made some upgrade to fix them. I am now very happy with my gear, it's solid !!! after two years it did not take any play ... and I have no vibration issues As it had be said on this forum the masses (battery/monitor) are incredibly easily adjustable A questionable point would be the tilt head which raises the camera a lot. and the top stage with the tilt option is quite heavy. But the tilt head remains a choice!! Something that I regret is that there is no adapter to use all the arm post with PRO GPI size/ to my knowledge for the moment there is only one lenght available (The gimbal handle is removable so why not made a handle that simply fit on pro arm/or machine a kind of ring reducer... Like that we could use any lenght size of PRO arm post) ​You can PM me if you want more details on my opinion or call me, I am also a french operator :-)
  8. Hi all, I own a steadicam M1 sled and a sachtler (Arri) arm so I am using the arm post adapter (5/8" to 3/4") sold by tiffen But I would like to use different size of arm post I already own different size post of 5/8" Does anyone know if there is some kind of ring we could put into the handle of the M1 gimbal to fit 5/8" arm post?? ​Thanks Grégory
  9. Thank you Tom, which version of the XCS plate do you tried on your M1 (standard or LT)? Do you think both version can fit on M1 sled?
  10. Thank you for your reply Benjamin is that someone has already tried to fit an xcs plate on a steadicam M1 ?
  11. Hello, I own a steadicam M1 sled and my idea would be to use a Tripodlokplate by Betz-Tools (to go fast from stead to tripod) and also to use a XCS standard plate instead of my tiffen dovetail plate (for the benefit of the 15mm holes for rods or tubes) do you think the XCS standard plate will fit on both Tripodlokplate by Betz-Tools & Steadicam M1 top stage? Does anyone tried Something similar and finaly does it sound a good idea?? Thanks Grégory (from France)
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