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  1. Im selling a never used backup butt dolly that has literally been sitting in a case in my climate controlled workshop for the past couple years. Its in GREAT condition. I think they sell on filmtools.com for $850. Im asking $700 plus shipping. Ill accept check (with a 5-day hold), PayPal (you pay fees) or Zelle.
  2. I have a used Paralinx Tomahawk 1:2 Deluxe System for sale. I just replaced the panel antenna and 5 of the receiver antennas, so they are brand new. Asking price $6900. System includes: 2x receivers w/ AB mounts & perches 1x transmitter with bracket 2x tx antennas 10x Rx antennas (5 of which are NEW) 1x NEW panel antenna w/ jumper cables Various power cables for transmitter/receivers Pelican case Payment can be check (will ship once check clears), or PayPal (all fees paid by buyer). Buyer pays for shipping... 2-day or faster. Once you receive the unit, youll have 48hrs to test & inspect before sale is final.
  3. System still avail, have had some interest. However, I think I undervalued it. I sold two of these almost exactly 1 yr ago for $7400 a piece, and I just finished a 6-month show where my net income on this unit was over $6000. So im raising my asking price to $6,250. Why am I selling... well, I’ve just complete my first directing gig, and would like to start focusing on developing those opportunities. So I’m trying to reduce the amount of gear I have to manage to just my Steadicam kit.
  4. Im selling a used Paralinx Tomahawk Deluxe system. Originally $12,700... asking $5000. In general it includes: 2x receivers w/ AB mounts & perches 1x transmitter with bracket 2x tx antennas 10x Rx antennas 1x panel antenna w/ jumper cables Various power cables for transmitter Pelican case Pictures coming shortly! Payment can be check (will ship once check clears), or PayPal (all fees paid by buyer). Buyer pays for shipping... 2-day or faster. Once you receive the unit, youll have 48hrs to test & inspect before sale is final.
  5. Includes: - case - panned array - 2x receivers w/ gold plates - 10x receiver antennas - 1x transmitter - 2x transmitter antenna - 1x p-tap power - a/c power adapters Originally purchased for $12,650. Asking $7400 or best offer. Working on pics. Will give you 48hrs to evaluate.
  6. Originally $4550... bought it one year ago and have used it twice. In great AMAZING condition! Does not come with harness. Mounts to all Klassen harnesses. Big advantage over easy rig is that tension on cable can be adjusted based on the load you are carrying. Includes case. Asking $3875 or best offer.
  7. This is the additional bracket I have. It consists of a cheese plate for an Alexa, and a bracket that the standard Alexa handle mounts to. This way the handle can be quickly removed. http://www.flowcine.com/accessories-gravity-one/9-adaption-plate-slide-in.html?search_query=Handle+&results=10
  8. It's been pointed out to me that the Flowcine gravity one has dropped in price since I purchased. Looks like the gimbal is about $3600, case is $200, and I'm guessing the Alexa handle bracket is roughly $800. So my ask is high. I'm lowering my asking price to $3500 plus shipping OBO. Feel free to make an offer! Thanks!
  9. I'm selling a GravityOne from Flowcine. It's had very little use, is in great working and cosmetic shape. Why am I selling??? Well, the device works great. If you use an easy rig a lot it's a must!!! Problem is I rarely use an easy rig. In addition to the gimbal I have the Alexa cheeseplate and handle bracket. These accessories allow you to make pulling the Alexa handle off very quickly and changing over to using the gimbal. I believe everything cost $7000 new. Since it's in such great condition... I'm asking $5000 for the kit. Pictures coming soon.
  10. I have no pictures yet, but I do have two complete Preston FIZ systems that I'm thinking about selling. These both generate good, steady income... So please... Only serious offers. These systems are like gold and there's always a wait for some or all parts. Each system is basically the same: (1) HU3 (1) F/I single channel (1) MDR2 blue dot (1) Analog Microforce (1) DM1x (1) DM1 (1) Heden Digita Motor (either MV26 or MV21) (6) batteries (roughly) (1) Dual Charger (3) Iris rings for single channel Interface Cable (1) Arri RS Start/Stop (1) Arri RS Power (1) Arri RS power/trigger combo cable (awesome) Few motor cables (TBD) Microforce Cable Selling units as-is... No warranty of any kind. You can have a 48 hr inspection period to check if all out. Again everything is in good working condition. Not putting an asking price as I would like to know what the market will bear for them... So please make an offer!
  11. Thanks Charles! Hope ur well!
  12. Thanks Stewart! Yes, the Movi def doesn't replace the Steadicam... But some shots we just couldn't do without. I think the shot you are talking about is the one that takes Adonis through the ropes as he enters for the last fight... Yes, it took three of us to do that shot. And a special thank you to Larry McConkey who brought his Movi on steroids! Larry waited in the ring for the handoff, Ben Bloodwell carried the rig for the first half of the shot, and I hid behind some solids operating the wheels. It's suprisingly tricky anticipating both the actor and the operator carrying the movi. The shot turned out great I think... But def diff feel than Steadicam. Another fun movi shot we did (which they unfortunately cut into) was during the final fight the camera circles the boxes, flying several feet outside the ring, circling behind them and then back into the ring. On the day we did a full 360 around the boxers. On that shot we actually hung the brains from the grid overhead, and three operators passed the camera from inside the ring, to outside, to back inside. Each time an operator passed the camera they had to duck and crawl out of the shot. It was an amazing balet... Thanks again to Larry McConkey, Ben Bloodwell, and JR Campbell. But enough of Movi talk! This is the wrong forum for that!!!
  13. Here are some more pictures. Also, I don't think i listed the Preston MDR2 15mm bracket. Asking $30 plus $6 priority shipping for that item.
  14. I have a few things for sale... See list and attached pix... Modular51 Steadicam Bag - used but still in good working condition. I think I originally paid $250. These are great bags. Water resistant zippers. Good organizational options for Steadicam ops... Large clear pouches under lid for plates and rods. Asking $125 Plus shipping CineBags Pouch - $10 plus $6 priority shipping Ultra2 Power Cables: F35 - $75 plus $6 priority shipping RedOne - $75 plus $6 priority shipping PV - $160 plus $6 priority shipping Pelican foam for 1600 case - almost new condition aside from one slot of foam missing from one layer. Put that layer on the bottom and you'll never see it! Lid foam not shown but is included. Normally $65 - asking $30 plus shipping. Pelican 1610 padded divider set - $30 plus shipping Master/Ultra MDR2 bracket - mounts on the nosebox off front of the stage. $100 plus $6 priority shipping Flags (free shipping if you buy all three) 12x18 frame only - $10 24x36 solid - $20 plus shipping 32x36 solid - $20 plus shipping Tuffpak Tripod Case - TP0396 - $125 plus shipping. Scrap Diffusion & Gel - LEE 205 half orange and LEE 410 opal frost. I'm guessing about 15ft on each roll plus some scraps. Being sold all together and as is... $50 plus shipping.
  15. I also have a bunch of Lemo connectors (both new and used) avail. I've listed some complete power cables in the spreadsheet above... if anyone is interested in only one half of the cable... I'm willing to remove and keep the master/ultra side lemo and send you the balance... Here's a list of only the NEW connectors I have avail. FGG.1B.306 x 4pcs - $30/ea FGG.1B.308 x 2pcs - $32.50/ea FGG.2B.303 x 2pcs - $40/ea EGG.2B.310 x 2pcs - $40/ea EGG.2b.307 x 5pcs - $35/ea If you are looking for lemo connectors and want to save money by purchasing used parts... let me know what you are looking for and i'll check my inventory. have lots of used connectors.
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