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  1. Selling my FX Box. Everything in great working condition and good cosmetic condition. Just had unit looked over by Preston... given a good bill of health. Includes: Preston FX Box Serial Cable (for programing) 2x Chargers 4x Batteries Arri & Panavision "Y" Shutter/Speed Cables Original Value New... $7500 Asking $1500... or Best Offer!
  2. Selling my Steadicam Junior Cart. Cart shows definite signs of use, but is in perfect working order. The Steadicam Junior Cart from filmtools includes Mast, Bumper, (2) Shelves, Vest Holder, Swivel Handles, Pneumatic Wheels & Brakes. Included: Steadicam Junior Cart (filmtools p/n 4183) Utility Tray Value New $1480.00 Asking $990.00 plus shipping & handling OR local pickup in Philadelphia
  3. I am selling a Backstage Collapsible Steadicam Cart TR-05 with a few accessories. Its nearly new. Purchased about a year ago... it's pretty much lived in a storage locker in LA. Used probably 3 or 4 times. In addition to the TR-05 I'm including: TR-05 - Backstage Collapsible Steadicam Cart TR-05 EL SV - Vest Holder MAG-UB27 - 27" Utility Tray Value New = $2000.00 Asking $1600.00 + Shipping & Handling or Local Pickup in LA
  4. This is a mounting bracket for a Preston MDR1 or MDR2. This will enable you to mount your MDR to the nose box of a Tiffen Ultra model sled. I'm selling because I sold my ultra sled a year ago, and have since been using it with my ultra2 sled. It doesn't quite fit exactly, so I plan on replacing it with A new bracket that Tiffen will be coming out with shortly. Bracket is definitely used, but in perfect working condition. Tiffin's new bracket will cost $200, I'm asking $100 for this bracket. Email me at ben@bensemanoff.com for pix
  5. I'm selling one of those Gorelock knock-off docks, plus its complementary magliner dock. For those of you that are not familiar with the history, somebody knocked off the Bob Gorelock / Jerry Hill dock a while back and these knock-offs are still floating around. The reason I'm selling is that when I bought this dock (used) last year, it came with docking rings for a 2" post. I bought the complimentary rings for my Ultra2 from Jerry Hill not knowing that his rings aren't compatible with these knock off docks. So for the time being I made delrin bushings to accommodate the size difference. However, I'm tired of the slipping that occurs between the delrin and the carbon fiber post... so I've decided to sell this knock-off and replace it with a fully functional hill dock with the correct size docking rings for my sled. If your sled has a 2" post then this would be a great investment for you...it will save you some $$$ over buying a new unit. As far as the dock goes, it works great! It's used so it shows some wear... but otherwise works great. It comes with (2) docking rings for 2" posts, AND comes with a complete magliner bracket/fork. Please email me at ben@bensemanoff.com for pictures. Again to recap: 1x Gorelock "type" spin-balancing dock (like Jerry Hill's Part# GAD2+DR2) 2x Docking Rings for 2" Post 2x Pro Studs for Spin Balance (0.625) 2x Tiffen Studs for Spin Balance (0.740) 1x Magliner Dock (the fork is a knock-off, but the baby mount bracket is from Jerry Hill... see Jerry Hill's Part# Mag-dock-2) Total value $1685.00 ASKING $1125.00 OBO
  6. Thanks everyone! Your kind words are certainly appreciated. Thought some of you might be interested in a behind the scenes video theberrics.com posted from the shoot. Please note that the video opens with a shot of me stepping onto the golf cart... it was taken during a rehearsal and you'll note that the step-on isn't very smooth... i assure you it went better when cameras were actually rolling!!!
  7. Thanks everyone for your kind words! Charles Papert contacted me and suggested that I write up something discussing the shot, challenges, execution, etc. So instead of wasting screen space here I’ve made an entry in my blog about it. Feel free to check it out if interested. http://bensemanoff.com/blog/2011/09/15/gatorade-go-all-day-steadicam-shot/
  8. I'm selling 6 power cubes and a dual simultaneous charger (vl-2plus). Items are used but in good condition. Power Cubes are approx 3yrs old and have had light to moderate use as they were a spare set. They got used on a couple jobs a month. Selling because I sold my spare rig and don't need two sets of batteries. Asking $2000 or best offer.
  9. I'm selling a used G70 arm. Its in great condition. Shows minor signs of use. In perfect working order. Asking $15,400 or best offer. Please inquire if you'd like to see pictures.
  10. Asking price $29,950 for a complete Ultra Steadicam Package. See details at www.SteadicamParts.com/images/ultra Feel free to contact me by email at ben@bensemanoff.com Reasonable offers welcomed.
  11. Hi Russell, sent you an email regarding the other dock I have avail but wasn't sure if I had the correct email address. Can you call or email me when you get a chance? My email is ben@bensemanoff.com and you have my #

  12. When i try to view my profile I get this error. I hit refresh, but no luck.
  13. New Items: 2-Headed Turnaround Post: This adapter post is compatible with G70, Ultra & Master series arms. One end is reduced for use with 1/2" Tiffen gimbals, and the other side is reduced to 5/8" to accommodate Pro, MKV and other Mfgs using 5/8" gimbals. Note: picture on site shows an un-anodized post, but the item will ship with a black anodized finish. This item is NEW and sells for $195 Gorelock 2" DR2: I have two 2" DR2s for the Gorelock system that are in NEW condition. Selling them on the site for $69.95 each Used Items: Gorelock 2" DR2: I have two 2" DR2s for the Gorelock system that are in USED condition. Selling them for $49.95 each. They aren't currently listed on the site, but will be shortly.
  14. FYI the Mag Dock I mention above has a 1.625" Fork clearance. As I mention on the item description, I don't know what rig it was originally intended for...I'm guessing a 3A based on the age and where I got it. I've uses it with my ultra In the past in conjunction with Gorelock DR1 rings. They obviously don't lock in, but between the post diameter on the ultra and the fact that the Gorelock ring is flat and not tapered like a Tiffen collar... It worked well. Might be good for rigs that hang off the gimbal as well... Offers welcomed!
  15. I just lowered the asking price for the docking brackets & accessories I am selling. Master / Ultra Spin Docking Bracket with 2x Collars $395 Ultra Spin Docking Bracket with 2x Collars $495 Mag Dock $135 2" DR2 Gorelock Docking Rings (4 available) $50/each. I also have 4x used 0.625" spin balance studs for the gorelock dock. I bought two gorelock docks used that had these studs, but since I have Tiffen sleds I had to swap to the 0.740" studs. Might be useful for others doing the same thing, or even if you want to re-purpose them for some other application. Jerry sells them for $50/each, I'm asking $25 each. I also lowered the price on the Tiffen Steadicam Battery Case for $160 Offers Welcomed!
  16. I have 4x used Gorelock rings available for sale. These are for 2" post diameters, and were previously used on a XCS sled. These are $85 new from Jerry... I'm selling them for $50/each. Order them through my site SteadicamParts.com
  17. SteadicamParts.com is back online and hacker free! Please take a look at the gear listed above, and feel free to make an offer. Thanks, Ben
  18. Thanks for the heads up Mark. Turns out my site got hacked. I took it down to fix and hopefully will be back up soon! If anyone is interested in the items above please email me. I can email back photos. Offers welcomed!
  19. I'm selling several items on my website SteadicamParts.com. Offers are welcomed. FREE SHIPPING for orders over $500 via either UPS Ground or Priority Mail (your choice). "Steadicam" Thermodyne Battery Case for $195.00 2x Preston Batteries & 1x Charger for $125.00 2x RE-CELLED Preston Batteries & 1x Charger for $375.00 Master/Ultra Spin Docking Bracket & Collars for $495.00 Ultra2 Spin Docking Bracket & Collars for $595.00 Gore-lock GAD1 Fork & 2x Collars for $195.00 (add this to either the Ultra2 or Master/Ultra Docks via Pull-Down) Magliner Docking Bracket for $165 See item descriptions and pictures at SteadicamParts.com. Feel free to contact me through the website with any questions. Reasonable Offers Welcomed!
  20. Prices dropped on all used items on site. Feel free to contact me and make on an offer on any used items.
  21. Discount on first time rental extended through end of first quarter. Contact me with any questions.
  22. Coming in February! Taking pre-orders Now. This is a very lightweight motor compatible with Preston devices. It weighs approximately 1/2 the weight of Preston's DM-2 motors (their lightest motors). Great for weight-conscience applications such as lightweight Steadicams and jibs, or as a backup to your other motors. I'm selling the motors individually for $775 each, or in a set of three for $1995 total. Also available for sale are our prototype motors for $475 (only two available).
  23. I've cut prices on all used gear on my site SteadicamParts.com Ultra Dock @ $595.00 or with GAD1 Fork @ $785 Ultra2 Dock @ $695.00 Ultra/Master MAG Dock @ $195.00 "Steadicam" Battery Case @ $295.00 Also, don't forget about: HU2 Re-celled Batts x 2 + FastCharger @ $395.00 HU2 Used Batteries x 2 + FastCharger @ $249.00 OR Buy Both for $585.00 Use the following Promo Codes for more savings: "FreeShipping" for FREE UPS Ground shipping on orders over $500 "Over1000" for an additional 5% off orders over $1000
  24. Usually only available in bulk, I'm selling this great product in smaller quantities. It's an adhesive-backed, anti-slip product that works fantastic on your gimbal. Since its rubberized, it doesn't get as cold as metal gets when working in cold conditions. I'm selling it in two sizes: 6" x 3" - good raw size for Ultra/Master gimbals 9" x 3" - good raw size for larger gimbals
  25. Robert, not a dealer... but what are you looking for. I may be able to help.

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