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  1. ( ITEMS SELLING LIKE CRAZY… I crossed out below what has sold. ALSO added some items!) All items are used. They show signs of use but in good working order. Pictures and additional details available upon request. Feel free to make a serious offer on any items below… or a combined offer for a few items. I’m no longer operating so I’d love to free up space and find a new home for these items. ALL ITEMS INCLUDE FREE SHIPPING! - Arm rain covers $40 - 2x AB to V-lock (so if you had AB batteries and wanted to use on a device that accepts v-lock) $40 each or $60 for pair. - AB backfeed plate for Tiffen rigs… slides onto base of Ultra2 or other sleds with a dovetail base… accepts a AB battery and has a cable that comes off it and plugs into the lower 2B power port to backfeed 12v… $100 - anyone interested in a stockpile of spare Lemo/Fischer/HRS parts… some new and some wired onto cable… inquire and I can send pics. Just the 9 brand new lemo connectors in this package would be worth $400… not to mention the other approx 50 connectors wired to cable. Great for someone that builds/tinkers, and looking for various Lemo plugs and chassis connectors but has flexibility as the the number of pins etc. $100 - Antlers $250 (mounts to Tiffen plates) - Tiffen Doevtail $200 - Tiffen Beefy Dovetail (double thickness) $300 - Tiffen Rod Support w/ Rods $100 - Buz Box Package (everything required to control Heden motors to drive cine zooms and cables to control various video lenses) $300 - Harrison Standy Bag $40 - Jerry Hill Standy Bag $40 - HRS Hirose Crimp Tool (originally $400) $100 - Lemo Crimp Tool with Inserts for various common Steadicam connectors (originally $2100) $525 - Modern Speedrail Dolly… never used. Kinda like a Dana Dolly. Has a 1x1 cheese plate with 16 wheels, and two plates for each end of the speedrail. I’m perfect condition. Paid $1200 originally… asking $400 - IDX E-HL9 Batteries x 12 (various condition) and 2x IDX Quad Chargers… both in good working order… entire kit… $800 - Cinesaddle … needs new beans but the bag is in great condition. $40 - fStop Single Channel receiver 900GT plus Preston Iris Paddle and Transmitter… runs off Sony batteries (motor, batteries and cables not included). Will extend a trial period for testing of 1wk. Unit last known to be working and has been sitting on a shelf for years. $100 - Ultra 2 Sled Rain Covers $120 - Columbia Rain Jacket XXL WITH cutouts through both pockets for connecting arm to vest/harness $40 LOADS OF CABLES (buy and change camera connectors as needed) $75 Cables: - 3p 2B Ultra Power to Alexa Mini 8p 24v - 3p 2B Ultra Power to Alexa Mini 8p 12v - 3p 2B Ultra Power to Alexa Mini 5p Tilta 12v - Ultra 2B Right Angle to 2p Fischer Female for ARRI Alexa 24v $50 Cables: - Ultra 2B Right Angle to Panavision - Ultra 2B to Panavision - Ultra 2B Right Angle to 3p XLR - Ultra 2B to 4p XLR - Ultra 2B to RedOne 6p (2avail) - 3p RS ARRI Firscher to 4p HRS Small HD - 4p XLR Male to 3p Female Fischer Alexa Mini - Ultra 2B to Red Epic - Ultra 4p HRS to Cinetape Powrer 3p RS Fischer $25 Cables: - Ultra 0B to MDR2 4p 1B Lemo - Ptap to 2p Lemo 0B - Ultra 4p HRS to 4pXLR - 3p RS ARRI Fischer to No Connector 18” cable lead $15 Cables - 4p HRS Ultra Power to Modulus 3000 6p HRS (2 avail) - Ptap to Small HD 4p HRS (3avail) - 4p HRS Ultra Power to Coax / Redbyte (2avail) TAKE ALL THESE OFF MY HANDS FOR 1/2 PRICE… $500 plus free shipping.
  2. Dropping prices… eager to sell. $250 for standard plates, $300 for beefy. $200 for Rod support.
  3. Takin tip space in the garage and not getting use. Dropping price to $1000. Pickup in Doylestown, PA
  4. Dropping price… $600 total. Chargers in good working order. Batteries are at varying stages of life. actual shipping costs will apply.
  5. Figure I might have priced this too high. Dropping my asking price ro $1200, but offers welcomed. Eager to sell before I’m back in the road for several months… if interested feel free to make an offer!
  6. Still avail and eager to sell before I’m back in the road for several months… if interested feel free to make an offer!
  7. One Rod support sold… one left as well as the plates. Eager to sell before I hit the road again for several months… so if you’re interested feel free to make an offer!
  8. Hi All… this is a really compact Steadicam cart. I built it years ago when I got tired of not having my cart on set. This takes up about the footprint of a stand. Full disclosure… the wheels could use replacing… but stock wheels work! Also, some pics show the smaller wheels and speed rail frame I used for tipping the cart over and rolling it into my minivan. Works great. Also includes a cart bag on the side, and a 25lb sandbag that’s used as ballast. Other things to note… the mast telescopes if required. Has a hook for your stand, and a padded / protected area to hang your arm. The drawers mount on a standard 19” rack… so you can replace them with any size drawer or accessory in the future. Really have no clue what it’s worth. Gonna start my asking price at $1750 and go from there. Serious offers welcome. I’m located in Doylestown PA if you want to come see it.
  9. It’s old… but holding up. Interior foam in good condition. 3 out of 4 latches are ok… one needs replacing. If interested, please make offer. Asking $200 OBO… think they are $7-800 new. Serious offers welcomed!
  10. Lightly used zoom control kit. Works with ENG lenses and can drive a Heden motor too. Here’s what’s included. Bartech BUZ Box - works with J7 rocker to drive a heden motor on cine style zoom lenses. J7 Rocker - Mount this to your gimbal to zoom with your thumb! Cables: Heden Motor Cable 4p HRS to 2p Lemo to power BUZ Fuji 8p (connects directly to J7) Fuji 12p (connects directly to J7) Canon 8p (connects directly to J7) Cannon 8p to 12p adapter Asking $950 OBO
  11. Selling a practice cage. 18lbs. Asking $500 OBO
  12. 2x Standard Tiffen Dovetail Plates $325 each OBO 1x Beefy Tiffen-Compatible Dovetail Plate $475 OBO 2x Tiffen Rod Supports $275 each OBO
  13. Thought I had sold them all… just found another. Hot item… best offer. Last one sold for $500
  14. Selling a used battery kit. There are 12x E-HL9 Batteries included. 4 are kinda paper weights… the other 8 still carry a decent charge. This model is great as they stack forming a bigger capacity battery. Also included are 2x VL-4s quad chargers un perfect working condition. Here’s a fill list of included items: 12x E-HL9 Batteries 2x VL-4S quad chargers ($964 new) 2x OSHA power cables 2x v-lock to 4pin XLR cables Pelican 1600 case (orange or gray avail) asking $1800 OBO
  15. Purchased a while back and never used other than setup and test in workshop when I first received it. In perfect condition. Original purchase price was around $1700. Please make an offer if you’re a serious buyer!
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