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  1. Gregory Dillard

    Inovativ Cart set up

    Alfeo, I have the Echo 48. Serves my needs well.
  2. Gregory Dillard

    Tiffen Steadicam Archer 2

    I just sent you a PM
  3. Gregory Dillard


  4. Gregory Dillard

    Redrock micro WFF

    Thank you
  5. Gregory Dillard

    Redrock micro WFF

    Jim, Can you send me a direct link? I'm on my phone and I would like to order it.
  6. Gregory Dillard

    Redrock micro WFF

    Yes, I know that, but I had the RedRock first. Where can I get the remote for the Bartech?
  7. Gregory Dillard

    Redrock micro WFF

    Well I have both. I have the Redrock Micro and the BARTECH. Which one does my ac prefer? BARTECH. When I have to operate and pull focus myself because of the job, I prefer the Redrock. I prefer that one because I can attach the Redrock universal Collins clamp fingerwheel to the yoke and pull focus myself. Not exactly what I want to do, but it's what I have.
  8. Gregory Dillard

    New Monitor Search... Looking for Opinions

    I'm thinking of moving up to a Cinetronic GEN2
  9. Gregory Dillard

    Zephyr Rain Cover?

    Jerry Hill products. http://steadimoves.com/parts.html
  10. Gregory Dillard

    Self Defense Technique

    Look at it from my point, and Alfeo I'm sure you just may agree. Would Lil Wayne do that if let's say the op was a 6 foot or more black male? Better yet, would he have done the same thing if it were a 6 foot + white male? I'll answer it for you no. This guy is literally 5'3 and has the misconception that what he sings in his songs makes him 6 foot or more. I applaud Jerry for being very professional, but this reminds me of PETA when they throw paint/blood on someone wearing fur. They wouldn't throw it on 50 cent would they? It's downright insulting that no one in Wayne's camp has the audacity to tell him that he was wrong and out of line. We simply call those folks losers because they don't have the balls to stand up and be men. I would love to think that I'd be very professional in a similar situation, but it all depends. You act accordingly and always show respect.
  11. Gregory Dillard

    Cinetronic updates, Preorder etc.

    Will this monitor and their yoke work with the ZEPHYR, or would that be considered overkill?
  12. Gregory Dillard

    Redrock micro WFF

    The RedRock Microremote system just works.