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  1. **FORGOT TO MENTION The top registration pin of the vest is broken -- the locking knob works fine and still secures everything, but I am waiting on an update from my local Tiffen to get it replaced~
  2. HEY FRIENDS. Selling my good 'ol Steadicam Zephyr as I've moved out of the Steadicam game over the years and am cleaning house a bit. This was one of my starter rigs and an excellent one to learn on if you're looking to get into the Steadicam game. Perfect for a built out C300 package, or smaller Red or Alexa Mini package. Condition wise, it's obviously used but has been kept in very good condition. I've had to replace some parts over the years, like one of the sled tie-downs, but performance is unaffected~ The monitor is also not the original Steadicam branded Marshall monitor, but is the same model. It just doesn't show the Steadicam logo when it boots up. Everything in the photos except the stand is included! Feel free to come by our offices and check it out~
  3. With all this commotion over the arm throw I was expecting Ari to guitar-smash it on the ground or something o_0
  4. Just upgraded to a Zephyr, so sellin' my old Pilot system. It's same as this guy (http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/536219-REG/Steadicam_PILOT_VLB_Pilot_VLB_Camera_Stabilization_System.html). Everything works great, except the SD video signal cable is damaged. It's just the RCA connector that popped off, so it's an easy fix. But I have a long HD-SDI cable spiraled down the post for HD work so I haven't bothered to replace it~ Comes with... - Vest w/ Buckle Upgrade - Arm - Center Post - Sled - Stage Plate - LCD Monitor - IDX Battery Mount - (2) IDX Batteries - Dual Charger - (2) Counter Weights - Carry Case - Trolley Upgrade for Case - Long HD-SDI Cable - Manfrotto Quick Release Plate for Sled $2250 for the package! Definitely prefer a local sale, so if you're in the market for one these guys, come check it out! I'm based in Manhattan in the Lower East Side~
  5. I love SmallHD (have had their DP6 for ages now) but it's soooo horrendously reflective. Played around with the AC7 on another shoot and it's equally reflective, no?
  6. Oh jeez, I may not get that Marshall then if it seems like its burning out is inevitable... Should I risk it? Or any suggestions for monitors in that sub 2k price range? I'd ideally love the DP7HB but 3k is wayyyyy out of my league at the moment D:
  7. Whoa, yeah, I've never had that problem before either. I've used that Marshall on a number of Epic jobs, guess I was lucky? And Mark, that yoke mount looks niiiiiiiiiiiice. What was the price on that guy if ya don't mind me asking? Also, that Anton Bauer accessory plate is all kinds of brilliant.
  8. Oops, wrong link, I meant this guy
  9. Just got mine! I've had the Pilot for a couple years now and have sub-rented the Zephyr for a couple jobs and ultimately couldn't resist, haha. Works wonders on a c300, even managed to balance an Alexa the other day~ Was planning on getting the Marshall 7" Monitor to replace the SD one. As far as I can tell, it's the same model as the one that comes with the HD version of the Zephyr, but other than not having the Steadicam logo boot screen, are there any major differences I'm forgetting?
  10. Yeah, I second the Canon 16-35mm. It's been my go-to for flying with MkIII for a while now. It's great for doc work because you can reframe between the focal lengths without throwing off the balance too much~
  11. Oh perfect! Didn't realize the Flyer aks were compatible with the Pilot. Thanks all!
  12. Thank you both so much! I'll definitely look into that F bracket. I didn't realize they made one specifically for the Pilot~
  13. Hi all! New user herrrrre~ I've had a Pilot for about 2 years now, and lovin' it. Been doing odd jobs here and there, music videos, docs, what have you. I was wondering if anyone had found a solution for flying a Pilot in low-mode, of if such an adapter for the Pilot gimbal even exists? Luckily, the few times it's been requested it was just for DSLR work, and I was able to swap the position of the camera body and the monitor with surprisingly effective results, haha, but obviously this leaves no room for a Bartech or other accessories. Just thought I'd pick this community's brain, thanks in advance!
  14. I actually use the SmallHD DP6 HDSDI with my Pilot~ You could use the existing wiring on the Pilot and use the SD signal out of your EX-1! I actually found a super thin HD-SDI cable over on Markertek and spiral it up the post so I can use HDSDI feeds.
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