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  1. Bryan Fowler

    AB Digital 90 or GOLD Hypercore

    I bought two of the Ugly 90s because I needed a couple more for a quick job. They hang down lower in the bottom and top.. well they are just bigger all around. They are slightly heavier too, so a battery swap means a slight rebalance. Nothing terrible. The runtime LCD is nice though. And they are currently really cheap. it's a dilemma.
  2. $1250 Shipped within the USA
  3. Bryan Fowler

    Tiffen Steadicam monitor from an Archer 2

    $400 shipped. I hear it's 700nits.
  4. 4.2 lbs. It's great actually. =)
  5. In fine working condition. I don't know the specs. Has frame lines. is SD Asking $450 Shipped within the USA. Photos are here: http://on.fb.me/1m5WtPe
  6. I have a Boland 8.4" High Bright monitor for sale. Comes with a custom yoke for Tiffen Archer2 sled, and an 8pin plug for power and composite. Asking $1500 shipped to the USA 2x HDSDI inputs, with loop through VGA in (for those times when you… um.. need that) 2x composite input, with loop through 1x component input ADDED 8pin lemo input with power Anton Bauer rear plate. Fan speed control I don’t know the initial NIT value. I think it was in the 1400nit range when it was new. This monitor didn’t have 1/4-20 on the side, so we mounted it with brass. It looks odd, but holds firm. You can see more photos on Facebook. http://on.fb.me/1BGf5so
  7. Bryan Fowler

    FS: Steadicam 3 Pin to Alexa Power cable

    Hi Dustin, how much for the power cable?
  8. Anyone have a wireless tally they can rent / loan me? We have a weird live setup this friday and just found out they don't have tally. Production is looking for one, but I have a different community. Anyone have one? Email me direct bryan@fowlerfilms.com
  9. Yes Richard, Still available. Also, price is firm until updated.
  10. Bryan Fowler

    Panasonic / MK-V TC-7WMS1

    $125, and I cover shipping. anyone?
  11. Thanks Pieter, I sent an email over this morning. Let me know if you didn't get it.