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  1. Man Robert, that is a great looking rig, and a cool part of Steadicam History. I hope it finds a good home.
  2. What Kat said. I still have friends and colleagues from my first workshop 16 years ago. Good luck!
  3. Hi Sebastian I have one I'd sell you. Bryan@fowlerfilms.com It's left over from my Archer2
  4. I don't have a solution, but I can say that mine does not do that.=\
  5. I have a G50 that had the X-mod from Tiffen for sale. Located in Eastern TN. (Chattanooga, in case Atlanta or Nashville folks want to look) It's one of the original from the Archer2 kit that can break apart in-between the bones. That makes it pretty great for travel. Tiffen has maintained it over the years, with the most recent being in 2019. Currently it's set up for M2 post size. All knobs turn easily. There are scratches and bumps but all are cosmetic. NEW operators can have that OLD operator look AND save money! Comes with 6in Extension post. Handy for those shots that are 6
  6. You can also get an M2 with a 1.75" post too. and a 1.58" short post if you'd like.
  7. Yeah but does the Ultimate 3 have the leather wrapped 3 stage post, massaging gimbal, and a boot apron?
  8. I'm looking for an Analog BFD RX. Just the RX since it was stolen. (and antennas) Also looking for cables. Misc PWR cables for Tiffen sleds. Even if they are needing repair. They took my whole kit so everything is gone now....well, I guess not everything, I have a spare FMG6 and BFD TX, but no cables. Here are some examples: 3 Pin small Lemo to BFD PWR 3 Pin small Lemo to 2pin PWR (like for BOLT) 3 Pin to Female Dtap 3 Pin to 4pin XLR Analog Motor cables (I have an FMG6 still) If anyone has spares you can part with that would be great.
  9. I bought two of the Ugly 90s because I needed a couple more for a quick job. They hang down lower in the bottom and top.. well they are just bigger all around. They are slightly heavier too, so a battery swap means a slight rebalance. Nothing terrible. The runtime LCD is nice though. And they are currently really cheap. it's a dilemma.
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