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  1. Anyone have a newish Exo vest they want to sell?
  2. I am in need of 2-4 V-mount batteries. Right now I am using 150wh Batteries for Broadcast batteries which are great with the integrated battery meter and ptap. I would like to get something similar and will consider 100-150wh batteries. Thanks!
  3. Looking to buy a full preston fiz 3 kit. Please email me with item list, pics, and asking price. Also interested in a wcu-4 Thanks! Michael_klein1@hotmail.com
  4. Open to Cforce plus and CLM5 motors as well.
  5. Looking to buy a Arri WCU-4, 3 channel Kit with hand unit, 3x mini motors/cables, MDR, etc. Please send me over item list, pics, and asking price, thanks! (based in NY)
  6. Thank you for the responses, Janice and Alec. I think you are right about the cable not being the source of the vibration. My monitor mount definitely leaves much to be desired and I can definitely see it being the source of the vibration. The top stage seems very solid but I won't rule it out either. Thinking about upgrading to something like this for a monitor mount: http://cam-jam.de/qma.html In any case I just contacted Chris Konash from NYC Panavision and he's going to tidy up my center cabling. Thanks again guys!
  7. I have been getting a moderate amount of vibration in my shots when I start moving faster than a brisk walking speed. I have been checking out all the components of the rig and when I shake the sled, by itself, I can hear my center post cable moving around inside the post. It moves around when it is both fully extended and compacted. I have a Clipper 2 sled and I was wondering if there was a way I could fix it without sending it to Tiffen? I have access to the center cable from the base of the sled. I would need to completely take apart the top stage to detach the top stage cabling (I
  8. Looking to buy a Magliner Jr cart located in (or around) New York. Please email me at michael_klein1@hotmail.com with info and pictures. Thanks!
  9. Also potentially interested in a G70x.
  10. Want to Buy Tiffen G50x Arm. Please email me with pictures and asking price. michael_klein1@hotmail.com
  11. WTB a Nebtek Monitor. Email me at michael_klein1@hotmail.com with model, condition, pics, and price. Thanks.
  12. Looking for a bartech package with motor. Willing to spend up to $3500 depending on cables and accessories. Shoot me an email at Michael_klein1@hotmail.com Thanks!
  13. Looking for a Decimator 2. Shoot me a message or email to Michael_Klein1@hotmail.com Thanks
  14. "And then you gotta hold this thing to keep it from doing this bullshit" Classic, that made my morning.
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