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  1. Selling my G70X Arm. Located in Denmark. Includes bag and rain covers. €7660 / $8500
  2. Hi. I'm selling my Tiffen M1 Package. Located in Copenhagen, Denmark. USD 44.000,- / EUR 37.500,- - Tiffen M1 Sled 2-Section post 66-104 cm (indexed) 3-section post 66-129.5 cm Tilthead 8" X-SBL Transvideo Cinemonitor with VirtualHorizon2 3 x HD-SDI lines V-lock battery mounts - G70x Arm - GPI Pro Vest with Tiffen Titanium socket block - 2 x Camera plates with camera screws - Docking Bracket. Tiffen/Jerry Hill - Slanted F-bracket for low mode - Manfrotto Aluminium Docking Stand (Black) - 2 x Thermodyne Steadicam branded cases. - Arm raincovers - Toolkit - Jerry Hill Stand-by cover - Cables ARRI Alexa SXT, 2-pin Fischer Power Cable ARRI Alexa Mini / Amira, LEMO Power Cable RED ONE Power Cable Panavision Millinium XL2 Power Cable 2 x Angled 4-pin XLR Power Cable Preston Power cable RED DSMC2 XLR Power Cable
  3. Selling this complete Preston HU3 kit. Located in Copenhagen, Denmark. Ready to ship. Asking price $21.000,-/ €17.900 Units: Preston Hand Unit 3 for FI+Z3 System (G4) SN#1816 Preston MDR-2 Motor Controller (G4) SN#MT-2745 Preston Focus/Iris unit (G4) SN#1431 Preston Microforce Digital 2 SN#D25243 Preston Radio Microforce (G4) SN#1014 Motors: Preston Motor PCS DM1 SN#1887 with Gear 4221: 0.80M Gear Preston Motor PCS DM2 SN#4540 with Gear 4221: 0.80M Gear Preston Motor PCS DM2 SN#4527 with Gear 4221: 0.80M Gear Cables: 3 x Motor Cable 4411 with angeld stick DMF to Radio MF 4449 FI+Z 24V - ARRI 4465 FI+Z Command 4400 Red Digital 4543 AATON 4524 Sony VTR 4435 Arriflex & Moviecam3-pin 4521 Anton Bauer to MDR 4473 MDR2 - Epic Arri/ Moviecam - 24VDC Power 4499 FI+Z 12V 4461 Accessories: 3 x 4301: 19mm Swing Arm 3 x 4320: Stepdown Bushing, 19-15mm BLUE 3 x 4320: Stepdown Bushing, 19-15mm RED 1 x 4336: Bracket: Microforce to Hand Unit 3 1 x 7906r: Reciever Antenna, Right Angle 10 x White Plain Focus Rings 10 x Premarked Focus Rings - A, B, C, D, E, Ai, Bi, Ci, Di, Ei 6 x Small White Plain Focus Rings for Focus/Iris controller 3 x Travel Chargers for NP-FM55H/FM50 Batteries 2 x Battery Packs NP50 1 x Neck Strap
  4. Jacques, yes you are indeed one of the reasons a lot of us started out in the first place. Amazing work, and hopefully more stunning operating in the future on your new rig. All the best Anders
  5. As Thomas says, c-motion cVolution handunits and camin receivers can be upgraded to the white radio module which is Alexa EV+/Studio compatible. You can mix and match cVolution, WCU-3 and wireless ZMU-3 units to control all channels on separate units. The first one to operate a channel gets it assigned. We have the ECU-3 and cVolution handsets and they work great. Camera and LDS data is displayed on the Handunit automatically. There is no support for preston handunits or motors. I have heard ARRI and Preston have had multiple discussions in the past to get support because of pressure from big Alexa customers, but they have yet to agree on anything as far as I know.
  6. BTW. As Afton said the image on B&H is wrong, its actually a 800-0106, not 802-0106. 800-0106 is for powering the red one from an Ultra2 or Phantom and has 2B size connectors at both ends. 802-0106 is for powering the red one from a Flyer or zephyr and has a 0B size for the rig and a 2B size for the camera.
  7. I always power them from on-board. GPI makes a gold-mount inverter that fits between a battery and a gold mount. Fits directly on a pro, or other rig with AB mount. Kenyon makes a very small inverter box that has a 4 pin xlr input.
  8. I must admit that when doing low mode shots, I occasionally slip my index finger above the gimbal. Sometimes it just feels better for me this way, as a normal grip sometimes feels tiresome in my wrist. In regular mode I never do it though. It just feels wrong.
  9. My spring snapped after 5 years of of heavy use.....used rubber bands for 3 months until I got a spare ordered :-) Changed it earlier this year. As the others say, watch out when you tighten the spring...its a bitch.
  10. The Blackmagic UpDownCross mini converter can make the 1080p signal into 720p which works on the camwave. tested with 1080p25 into 720p50. RED will not pursue PSF modes on the EPIC, but a future firmware will enable 720p output on the HDSDI in camera. Best Anders Holck
  11. There is also a very thorough chapter in the Bible / Steadicam Operators Handbook
  12. Selling: For the GPI Pro 2: upper & Lower SD junction box and SD loom. Give me an offer....
  13. I'm parting ways with this docking bracket. Standard Tiffen Dockingbracket with a Gorelock 2 autodock with a 1.58" docking ring. Perfect for Tiffens big rigs. In perfect working condition! Give me an offer....:-)
  14. Im selling this Bartech kit in excellent condition. The package includes: - Bartech BFD handunit - Bartech BFD reciever - M-One Motor - 3 Handunit antennas - 2 Reciever antennas (1 straight, 1 Angled) - 5 white Delrin plastic marker rings - The following Motor gears: M0.8 32p, M0.8 32p (Wide), M0.6, M0.5, M0.4 64p, 48p - The following cables: Motor cable, ARRI run, 4 pin XLR power. - Motor rod inlays: 19mm, 15mm, 10mm. - Motor swingarm. - Peli shipping case with custom foam cutout. Asking price $3000
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