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  1. I wrote to Flowcine: Do you think it’s possible, that I make an adapter for the XBone CF > Exovest? Or will I get structural difficulties from the dimensions? Answer Flowcine: You should be able to do a adapter Im sure, however it would need a bit of CNC:ing.
  2. Super, I will ask Flowcine about it and share the answer
  3. That's a good question. I never heard of an adapter to the ExoVest. I think it can be done, if you have a smart friend with a cnc milling machine. Has anyone here in the forum heard of an adapter?
  4. Hi, I want to sell my original FlightCase for Flowcine XSpine. It's brand new. For details: https://www.flowcine.com/product/xspine-case/ Price 300 EUR Based in Berlin. Buyer pays shipping
  5. Hi, selling a brand new Bone CF for Flowcine XSpine with Softshell bag. I bought it almost a 1 year ago and never used it. See details here: https://www.flowcine.com/product/xbone-cf/ Price 1.300 EUR Buyer pays shipping. Located in Berlin.
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