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  1. I wrote to Flowcine: Do you think it’s possible, that I make an adapter for the XBone CF > Exovest? Or will I get structural difficulties from the dimensions? Answer Flowcine: You should be able to do a adapter Im sure, however it would need a bit of CNC:ing.
  2. That's a good question. I never heard of an adapter to the ExoVest. I think it can be done, if you have a smart friend with a cnc milling machine. Has anyone here in the forum heard of an adapter?
  3. Hi, I want to sell my original FlightCase for Flowcine XSpine. It's brand new. For details: https://www.flowcine.com/product/xspine-case/ Price 300 EUR Based in Berlin. Buyer pays shipping
  4. Hi, selling a brand new Bone CF for Flowcine XSpine with Softshell bag. I bought it almost a 1 year ago and never used it. See details here: https://www.flowcine.com/product/xbone-cf/ Price 1.300 EUR Buyer pays shipping. Located in Berlin.
  5. Hi, I'm selling my Tiffen Master Series Vest. Honestly I only sell it, as I'm 6'6" tall and was always a bit too small. But despite of this, the Master Serie is at least if not more comfortable than Flowcine XSpine. (personal point of view) The vest was used for years but in very good conditions. The vest comes with a softbag. I'm asking for 2.000 EUR or best offer. Located in Berlin. Buyer pays shipping. Chris
  6. Hi Josh. the official max payload for EFP is 17,5kg. In the picture above you see my EFP rig with: Alexa Plus, Arri LWZ2, MatteBox, V140, motors & stuff : approx 13,5kg on the bottom: V140+IDX Endura 10s = 1,9kg (both are medium to light batteries and one VMount plate is still empty, so 17,5kg is no problem at all) As the sled is optimized at the lower part (eg approx 10cm longer as the original): less weight at the bottom is needed - good for your back. Fully rigged Venice with Vantage One4 primes and Betz Wave is also no problem. cheers, c
  7. Hi, I'm selling my EFP 1.5 Sled, that is perfect for beginners or as a backup sled. I modified it some of years ago, adding: + 3x VMount-Bay on a rod system - easy dynamic balance - hotswap'able + Sled extended to 62-82cm - great for light and heavy camera setups + top stage with 4pinXLR and DTap includes: + !!! BETZ TOP STAGE !!! (very good condition) + dovetail + EFP carbon fire Sled / wiring HD & 12V (VMounts at the back can be used parallel) + bright Marshall V-LCD651STX (electronic level - USB cable needs to be replaced) works very well in bright sunlight, bigger image on screen than most 4:3 Transvideos + 2 power cable Marshall LCD and one power supply Marshall + Screen Protector Marshall + EFP Gimbal + Docking Bracket + two additional Monitor Mounts, great if you want to change Monitor (what is not necessary) + Flight Case with costumised foam (dimensions 35x59x84cm) (batteries, sun bounce, wave-1, stand, EFP arm in pictures not included) Asking price, 8.000 EUR or best offer. Rig is located in Berlin/Germany. Buyer pays for shipping and money transfer costs. contact: mail@christophiwanow.de / +49 176 6664 5248
  8. Hi Corey, I'm selling a 3A w/ Luna springs. 4.500 EUR or reasonable offer. Let me know if you're interested. best c
  9. Hi guys, I'm looking for a USED SLED as BACKUP - ready to fly. Post 1,5" or 2" // Gimbal // Monitor Bracket for Transvideo 6 or Marshall Electronics Lcd651(no monitor needed) // 3x VMount Ports // Wiring 12V or 12&24V // HD-SDI ! // Docking Bracket // preferable with Betz Top Stage. Budget: 7.000 - 9.000 EUR + shipping. Does anyone have recommendations or is selling one? thx chris mkv, pro, efp, Betz,
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