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  1. If you are still getting play then also check you have it on right. Spin the top or bottom section 180 degrees. The older MKV model was directional. If it was wrong there would be tiny bit of play.
  2. And how is it comparing to the Pro Arm?
  3. Hey, wondering how much you got for the Ultra Vest, about to sell one in similar condition?
  4. If you change your mind about selling the Pro Arm on its own contact me Thanks Rob rmcgregor3@me.com
  5. I am Selling my Ultra 2 Compact vest, this vest will fit anyone from a 28" waist (me, possibly less as well) up to well over 42". I bought this vest as it fits the athletic shape better than the normal ultra 2. it has almost no wear, just scratches on the buckle point. Steal block included. The arm is my backup arm and has about 20 days use. its 1and a half years old, its as new!!!!! I bought it as I was working in lots of places with no backup, bag included. Ultra 2 Compact vest. GBP £2500 Luna Arm GBP £5800. Will sell separately Pics to follow rmcgregor3@me.com +
  6. Lots have asked about VAT. If its sold within the EU then VAT will have to be charged at the going rate of 20% obviously. I expect all of you can claim that back though. regards Rob
  7. He is one of the harder people to find. I have a Luna Arm but went through MK-V to get it. However found these numbers and Unless his numbers have changed, they are: 323 938-5659 (w) 310 621-4763 (m) Good luck
  8. There seems to be some discusion about the length of the rig with the Hofmann base conversion. This rig is essentially the same length as an original Archer rig. I am 5'8" and have no trouble with it. It can be extended to the standard full length for an Archer. However what the Hofmann rig allows is extremely fast dynamic balancing and adaptability for various size/weight cameras by a simple and fast weight add/remove system. plus space for any necessary add ons(wireless etc).
  9. Hi all I'm selling this for a friend, he is always filming in the jungle or up a mountain at the mo so never about. I have the kit so can answer most questions. Here is what it consists of.... 'Looking to sell my Steadicam Archer. This is a versatile rig that offers a big step up from the Flyer and Zephyr. It will handle Epic, Scarlet, (reasonable) RED and Alexa builds, and you're getting a G-50 arm which is an utter joy to operate. Bought the rig about is four years ago and as a mainly film wildlife doesn't get enough use by me. It is in very condition and ready to be put to w
  10. I want the arm, my god man sell me the arm....! :-)

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