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  1. Hello, I sell PRO ATLAS ARM PRO ARM + POST + TOOLS + BAG little damaged = 8000€buyer pay tax and shippingcontact me by email: teva.vasseur@gmail.comFrom (Paris - FRANCE)
  2. Hello! is your pro cinelive Sled still available?


  3. Hello, I sell my pro ARM use with 2 Blue and 2 black cannisters. The bag has some little damage Price 15 500€ + VAT shipping worldwide from FRANCE (Paris) teva.vasseur@gmail.com
  4. Hello, I trade my Exovest to PRO vest OR Ultra 2. Let me know by email teva.vasseur@gmail.com (Paris, FRANCE)
  5. hello Teva,

    I was writing you two times. I have interest on your EXOVEST.

    Have you still the Vest?

    Kind regards


    You can also contact me over schiller64@gmx.com

    1. Teva Vasseur

      Teva Vasseur


      Sorry for the delay

      Yes my vest is still available, where are you located? 

      Téva (Prefer email teva.vasseur@gmail.com )

  6. Hello Teva,

    I have interest on your vest.
    The Vest is still to buy?

    Kind regards


  7. Hello Teva,

    I have interest on your vest.

    I can't opening your photo. Maybe you can send me one or two again.

    My mail-address: schiller64@gmx.com

    Kind regards


  8. Hello, I sell PRO ATLAS ARM and STEADICAM EXOVEST EXOVEST + 2 Pads + BAGS = 4000€ PRO ARM + POST + TOOLS + BAG = 9000€ buyer pay tax and shipping contact me by email: teva.vasseur@gmail.com From (Paris - FRANCE) IMG_8355.heic IMG_8354.heic IMG_8353.heic IMG_8352.heic IMG_8341.heic IMG_8340.heic IMG_8339.heic IMG_8342.HEIC
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