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  1. Posting for my partner. If interested please contact Mike Gillis. Thanks for looking! I am selling 2 complete Preston DM1X motors. Each one includes a right angle Lemo cable, Standard pitch and Fuji pitch gears and a Jerry Hill 19mm adjustable mounting bracket with 15mm insert. These are in as new condition with very little hours. They have been very well cared for. I am the original and only owner and they were never rented out. S/N 3061& S/N 3007.Brand new each motor alone is $3320.00Brand new each Jerry Hill bracket is $250.00I am asking $2200 for each bundle (motor, cable, bracket and gears) or $4200 for both bundles. Mike GillisMilwaukee DP414-303-3890 mike@bluemoonlights.com
  2. These stories are incredible on many levels. As a young operator myself, the stories alone give me confidence to say "no". Thanks to all you guys for sharing.
  3. Can anyone identify the part that actually broke? Socket block?
  4. Only once. Producer wanted me on a shoot for a pretty low wage. Long day too. Could've simply said I was unavailable but the message wouldn't get across that way. So I explain in a professional manner that I would be undercutting to many people to take it. He said he understood. Never heard from him again. Would handle it the same way should I ever be put back in the same scenario.
  5. Bump. $3,150. Someone's going to grab a great deal.
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