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  1. Recently my 10year old TRANSVIDEO 8” developed a problem: slow to power up, no buttons functioning & “no input board detected” displayed on screen. It was sent to TRANSVIDEO in France twice for repairs however ultimately I was told the monitor could not be repaired & I was advised to replace it. My brand new 8” XSBL arrived a month ago & four shooting days into my current production it too has failed with exactly the same issue. Has anyone else encountered this? The SDI line was protected from any power surge from the camera by a BNC galvanic isolator & Transvideo have told me that the monitor is internally protected from power surges. I’m unable to think of any other cause. I’ve tried a hard reset by powering both from the the rig & also independently via a VLock battery plate - both without luck. The rig is otherwise functioning perfectly. Any thoughts would be welcomed. Many thanks!
  2. Hi Lucas, What price are you selling for, and can you estimate shipping costs? I'm in London so please let me know in UK£ or Euros. Many thanks! Gareth
  3. Hi Robert, I'm definitely interested. Can you ship to London, and how much would this cost? Many thanks, Gareth
  4. Hi Julian, I might be interested in the Tiffen Ultra 2 Vest and the Klassen vehicle mount. Please let me know if you are willing to split the equipment, and also how much you would want for each. I am in London, could you estimate the shipping costs? Many thanks & regards, Gareth
  5. Hi Alex, thanks for your message. Definitely interested in the DP7, can I PM you to make an offer?- please contact me: gareth(at)ghcamera.com Re. shipping - cheapest option Fedex or UPS would be great. I guess insurance to cover the agreed value? There's no immediate rush for the item, but I would like to receive it by 20th December for use on a job shortly after Christmas. Many thanks, Gareth
  6. Hi Alex, I'm interested in your SmallHD DP7 monitor. Are you able to ship it to London UK, and if so can you estimate shipping costs please? Many thanks, Gareth
  7. Hi Tom, Speak with Steve Aitchison - he's really helpful & will design any size/format of laser engraved plastic label. He also has a choice of colours. I'm very pleased with the self-adhesive case labels he made for all my kit. 07835 412 196 steve@4130.co.uk Hope this helps, Gareth
  8. Hi Jules, If you're splitting your kit how much would you ask for the Teradeck set plus the Magliner (I would not need the Docking Bracket or Avenger stand) ? Thanks & all the best, Gareth
  9. Hi Matt, I'm interested in the Wevi. How old is it & do you have any photos? Would you be prepared to ship to the UK and if so can you estimate a cost for this? Many thanks, Gareth
  10. Hi Rupert, Is the SOS plate you're selling still available? Gareth
  11. kit still for sale - reduced to £18,500. Will consider selling the arm separately.
  12. Kit still available - but I'm open to reasonable offers... (UK VAT only applies to EU purchasers, buyer pays shipping)
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