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  1. Let me clear up a little confusion here regarding the jumper blocks. The gen 3 uses the same jumper blocks PRO has been using for years. They are exactly the same as the ones found on the Gen 2 system. The gen 4 battery rack uses a proprietary jumper block design to only be used on the gen 4. There are 6 ITT gold plugs on the bottom row of a gen 3 jumper block and 6 corresponding female ITT's on the gen 3 battery rack, this allows us to wire all 3 batteries independent of each other. The gen 4 jumper block has 4 ITT gold plugs on the bottom row with 4 corresponding female ITT's on the battery rack. Although it is possible to put a gen 3 jumper block on a gen 4, 2 of the 6 plugs will not be connected to the battery rack due to their female counterparts not existing and thus it will not function as designed. There is also a wiring difference as to which battery is doing what between the gen 3 and gen 4. We do not recommend trying to use anything that it wasn't specifically designed for. We do not wire custom jumper blocks for either the gen 3 or gen 4 battery racks. We offer 3 for the gen 3 and 1 for the gen 4. I hope this helps. Chad Mason Manufacturing Manager GPI PRO Systems
  2. It attaches to the AB gold mount plate. It is an adjustable landing pad in case you fly only one or two batteries on the rear. Being detachable if you wish to fly three!
  3. Its magic.... Yes it will be compatible with Gen 2 and up and uses the current HD 18 pin cable!!
  4. Look what GPI just gave birth to!!!!!! -Dual HD plus Analog -2 Lemo 2B.303 connectors -4 Lemo 0B.303 connectors -4 Hirose connectors ... -1 Lemo 1B.308 connector -Wired for Tally (Lemo 0B.304 up top, Lemo 1B.308 on bottom) -12vdc/24vdc compatible -Modular design that is compatible with gen 2 and up components -Gen IV Live battery rack has 3 battery positions (Top rear and bottom front are wired in parallel, bottom rear can be used as Aux or cam/mon with a jumper block change.See More
  5. Specs will be out soon guys. If you have questions feel free to call us at the shop or shoot us an email and we will answer as many questions as we can at this time. Chad info@gpiprosystems.com 661-257-5771 Andrew Ansnick 12-07-11 ATLAS Prototype
  6. Here is some ATLAS video fodder for your speculation until we can get you some actual specs...which are on their way. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8LzCnZtFqN0
  7. Are you on the waiting list for the new PRO Atlas????? Arriving in Valencia in early May!
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