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  1. Selling my Bartech and M-One kits as a whole package. Both the handsets and receivers have been serviced and checked. Great set up for any operator or assistant looking to expand their kit. Nice to have the other set as a backup or as a zoom/iris option. Comes in a Pelican 1550 case. Photos and equipment listed below. Located in the Mid-West $6,500 List of equipment name, model number, quantity, serial number: - 2x M-One Motor Kits (S/N M1. 0231 & 0156) - 2x Bartech Handheld Units (S/N T1. 0030 & 0029) - 2x Bartech Receiver (S/N R1. 0030 & 0035) -10' direct connect cable -4x M-One motor cables -1x M-One motor cable right angle -5x Marker rings -16x Short rods and adaptors -11x Gear pitches for motors Power Cables; -XLR 4-pin 12V cable -Hirose power cable -Arri 11pin Fischer cable -Pana 2pin Lemo 24V-16V converter cable -Arri 3pin 24V-16V converter cable -2 short Bartech slave power cables to gang the receivers together Control stop/start cables; -Red cntrl -Arri cntrl -Pana cntrl -Aaton cntrl -Arri 435/535/SR3 with 24V-16V converter
  2. I'm glad to hear that the everyone on this thread has had great experiences with this company. What I'm hearing is what I've heard in the past as well, and is the reason I purchased in the 1st place, not to mention there really isn't a competitor making these products at the same level. My expectations and disappointment was high because of this though. I've been talking to Mike and he's gone way out of his way to set things straight with this situation. My loyalty to the company hasn't been lost, and hope to receive the same level of support as everyone else in the future. Robert, I really appreciate your offer! Thanks for the reply. Eric, it may not be a failed product overall, but for me it was. Not only the product, but also the service. It was not on par with PRO. I had a similar situation less than a month after I bought my rig from PRO, right after christmas, and the rig was received, serviced, and sent back to me before the new year. And that's during Christmas break. The problem was simply taken care of with no hassle, and no excuses. And I apologize for the misleading typo. lol
  3. Hello fellow operators. I’ve felt the need to write this review because 1: it needs to be address, and 2: if there’s anyone out there now considering a product by this company and another, this is definitely something to be aware of. Of course with any product in any industry, there will be those who are dissatisfied with it, but not only am I dissatisfied with the product, I’m extremely disappointed in their customer service. Let me also start by saying that my product from Teradek was 2 weeks old when it died and wouldn’t charge or turn on. When I initiated the process of getting it repaired, my rep suggested multiple times over the phone that I must not have been using Teradek’s cables and it was some 3rd parties fault that the insides got disintegrated…or whatever happened to it. I suppose after assuring them that this in fact wasn’t the case over and over, they finally agreed to repair the product for free. And now it’s been 3 weeks since I sent it off and the only way I was able to get an update was to call in and ask “why is it taking you so long”, only to find out that I still have another 2 ½ weeks to wait until it’s put into the service department. Their customer service has been rude to me, and made it a job in itself to get any information from them over the phone, even things as simple as "who am I speaking with". So my question now is, why did I invest all of this money in something that breaks after it’s 2nd week on set, and then takes another month (maybe) for it to get repaired? So now I’m spending money again to sub-rent the same product from wherever I can for my jobs and only breaking even in the end. It seems tempting to continue this route though as owning it myself has already failed to save me any time, headache, or money. Sure, these things happen. Equipment breaks and needs to be sent in for repairs. I expected it to happen and continue to expect it to happen in the future. But for it to happen on a product that’s less than 2 weeks old and costs thousands of dollars, and then to be told that it’s my fault over and over, for me, is an unacceptable level of quality from any company. I’m sure many of you have had very good experiences with the company and it’s products, and I wish I could have had that too, but I think both sides need to be shared. The good, and the bad. There are companies out there who'll go out of their way to make sure you're taken care of, and others who simply don't seem to care at all.
  4. Hi Sam, Welcome to the community. I also financed my 1st rig, which was the PRO Lite, and thought I'd share some of my experiences with you as a sort of heads up. First off, like Robert said, you will need a business plan. Robert helped me with mine and I'm sure he'd do the same for you. The lender at the bank told me the only reason they were giving me the loan was "because of my business plan, otherwise, they would have laughed and walked away." It ended up being almost word for word what the bank used to pitch their lending business to new markets, only they paid 300k for someone to come up with their business plan. So if you do it right, it can be well worth your time and money. I would also suggest not borrowing from a friend or family as it has the potential of ruining the relationship. Apart from that, I would plan to spend around 15-20k more than the steadicam kit for cables, batteries etc. This will get you the BASICS of what you need to get started without blowing the budget. I also put 5k in a CD at the bank as part of the collateral and had another 10k saved as a cushion. My point is, it takes more to get started than just purchasing the gear, especially if you're borrowing to do so. You also need to consider that borrowing the money is not going to be a tool to get you started. There's also a considerable amount of risk that comes with borrowing vs. paying in cash. And you need to be prepared for that risk before making the plunge. It was 5 months before I got my first full paying job! Remember that cushion? It can go fast when you're just starting out! Again, there's more to it than just owning the gear. It's an every day job to make the right contacts and land the right jobs. The phone may ring a lot, but you don't want to take the bad jobs just because you've gotten yourself into a desperate situation. That's why I think a lot of newer operators take the lowballing, undercutting jobs you specifically say you want to avoid. So, be prepared to avoid them before you even borrow money. On the other hand, if you're smart about your decisions starting off and take the time to do it right and learn your market, craft, and plan for the future, you can make a very successful career for yourself. We both still have a lot to learn, but hopefully what I've already learned in my first year with my gear will help you make the right decisions. All the best,
  5. Send me a message when you're ready to sell!
  6. Looking to buy a used Optical Support Alexa Plate. If you have one up or have any leads, please let me know. Much appreciated! -Timyoder1@me.com
  7. Hi Brooks, I'd also suggest Andrew. He does great work. He made all of mine for me last year and I haven't had any problems. His prices are also VERY reasonable for what you get. He also labels the length of each cable so it's quick and easy to choose the one you need.
  8. Agreed. I did the same thing!
  9. Looks good! Not sure about the music, but everyone has an opinion on that.
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