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  1. Hi Guys, Up for sale is an GPI Pro compatible HD Telescopic Center Post, 19inch to 31 inch extendable. The Post is a 1,5 inch Steadyrig post, the cable is from David Hable and the tips are from Pro. I use to have it on my Cinema HD GPI pro rig. 2500$USD the item is located in montreal canada. you can contact me via email: hugolongtin@gmail.com or iMessage: 514-963-6609 Thanks for looking IMG_7172.heic IMG_7173.HEIC IMG_7174.heic
  2. Hi Guys, I’m looking to buy a Betz Top stage. Thanks
  3. Hi guys, The Battery Hanger as sold! I woud take 800$ for the post! I'll keep the rest...
  4. Hi, I’ve made a cleanup of the shop and those things came up... Make me an offer. -Pro Post 1,5” SD -Gen 2 battery hanger -Standby Bracket -Small HD 703 battery plate located in Montreal, willing to ship internationally. thanks for looking
  5. The Wave is sold! Thank you steadicamforum.com
  6. Hi guys, I know it’s difficult times, but I’m trying anyway. I’m updating to a Volt and I’m selling my beloved Wave... Would love to keep it, but I need the money for the Volt! So, what you are looking at is a Wave, a case, a Betz-Tools plate and some cables. One is supershort, perfect for those nice and tidy build we love some much! The cables are for my GPI-Pro sled. Asking 6000$USD, I pay shipping. Thank you for looking!
  7. If you are not in a rush I will have one for sale mid-April. I’m from Montreal, so I don’t mind at all shipping to BC. plus you’ll save on custom fees!
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