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  1. Hi, I would like to buy a 1,5 inch telescopic center post. thanks
  2. Hugo Longtin

    Mini rearview RF bracket

    Hi guys, I can’t remember where I’ve seen this, but I saw a bracket that allows us to mount the Arri Mini RF at the back of the camera. Do you guys know where I could find this? thanks
  3. Hi, Im looking to buy two blue canisters for my GPI Pro Titan arm. thanks
  4. Hugo Longtin

    Arm Post Sizes

    Thanks Jerry
  5. Hugo Longtin

    Arm Post Sizes

    Hi, I have a specific question. Will a G50 arm fit a Pro sled? thanks
  6. Hugo Longtin

    4 Dionic 90 Recelled

    New Price 150$ each
  7. Hugo Longtin

    4 Dionic 90 Recelled

    Hi, new price, 175USD$ each
  8. Hi, selling 4 Dionic 90. 200$ usd each located in Montreal. recelled by Ritter 02-2016 hugolongtin@gmail.com
  9. Hugo Longtin

    WTB camera plate

    Hi, I would like to buy an universal camera plate that would fit the Wave. thanks
  10. everything is sold, thanks!
  11. Hi, little upgrade, the sled is sold! thanks still available: arm and monitor price drop! arm: 4200$ monitor: 800$
  12. Hi Guys, Teradek as sold! new prices!!! Monitor: 1000$ Sled: 3500$ Arm: 4500$ thanks