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  1. Hello all. I've been operating Steadicam for about 25 years and since the advent of the motorized gimbals, I've not used my Steadicam much.. Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions as to how to re-condition myself (other than wearing my rig and running around the house with it a few times a day). I'm feeling it in my lower back after 10-15 minutes and I want to work that out. Any specific exercises or stretches, or do I just keep using it and all that? Thanks
  2. I have a question. I've been operating Steadicam since the late 90's and started on a Provid which did not have the typical socket block mount to the vest... I've used several different types since then and now own an EFP red spring arm and I sometimes get some banging around on the socket block kickback.. Walking normal/slow is fine, but running causes the knocking.. I sometimes put a strap on it to the aircraft pin to keep it at the mid swing, and have it set for my posture, but other than that I'm not sure, has anyone else experienced this? I've done the Steadicam course and all that, but my EFP arm is the only one I've experienced this with.. Suggestions?
  3. Does anyone have any info on how to correctly disassemble the ProVid arm? I have one that needs some work and although I think I know the process for tearing it down, I wanted to see if anyone out there had anything that may help me.. Thanks
  4. Does anyone have any info on how to correctly disassemble the ProVid arm? I have one that needs some work and although I think I know the process for tearing it down, I wanted to see if anyone out there had anything that may help me.. Thanks
  5. Does anyone have any suggestions on this? I bought a Provid system and the sled is pretty clean. I want to ditch the lower section with the monitor and battery and get a nice dynamically balance-able bottom. I have several monitors but was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on what possibly exists or can be manufactured out there that will thread onto the bottom part of the sled with a modern configuration (rods, battery mounts, etc..). Thanks.
  6. great list. I wonder why the Provid and the 3A are not in there.
  7. That's pretty much what I thought... Thanks for the reply.
  8. Just curious if anyone can anyone tell me the difference between a 3A and EFP arm? I have an EFP arm and I have not shot with a 3A for a long time, but looking at pictures, they seem almost identical, except for a few drilled holes and sone slightly different elbows, etc... The 3A has a cable or spring end that comes out of each arm, screwed to the side of the arm with a bracket, but otherwise they seem pretty similar.
  9. I have a A-30 Arm too (same as the Zephyr) and my pin that hold the socket block in did the same thing.. It worked its way up and the quick release was faulty so the bottom popped out. Luckily, It did not bend the end of the arm connector, but it did ruin the shot and there was no more Steadicam for that day.. I just bought a steel pin (same diameter) and drilled holes in it for cotter pins and I was back.
  10. Question for users out there. 1: I shoot goofy (camera on the right side), I can do both but I'm more comfortable that way.. 2: and my main question... since I started Steadicam 20 years ago and even after taking a course on it, my forefinger always seems to find its way on TOP of the gimbal when I'm operating.. It just feels better there to me.. Does anyone else do that?. I have not experienced any drawbacks and I try to use the conventional grip when I "think" about it, but I'm just curious on opinions... Thanks
  11. Shawn Adams

    Provid Sled Mod

    Does anyone know if there are any mods out there for the Provid sled? Or does anyone know what other sleds may have the same lower thread/terminal connection for the sled to the battery/monitor section in order to use those mods? Basically, I would like a lower profile and easier to pack sled and the original Provid bottom side is quite bulky. Thanks
  12. Thanks Jerry.. I'm sure it's an awesome arm and I hope to get one soon. I was more interested in the physical mechanics of what the ride adjustment is doing inside the arm. Is the knob moving a pulley to the secondary spring (Which appears to be inside the primary spring)..?
  13. Just curious on the G70x arm. I have a few arms including a ProVid arm.. What I'm wondering about the G70x is this.. Does it only have 1 spring and no pullies? Or are there any bullies and cables going to another spring? I guess. I'm mainly curious on what the "ride" adjustment is actually doing physically to the arm. I know the lift moves the spring mounting spot up and down to tension the spring, but what is actually happening when the ride is adjusted? PS. I've never used a G70x arm so I have not been able to use them in person, but I'm interested in one and just want to know more first.. Thanks
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