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  1. Price Drop $55,000 USD for entire package (buyer pays shipping). Willing to break up package - please make offers if interested in individual items.
  2. did the sale go thru?

  3. Complete GPI Pro Steadicam Package Selling complete GPI PRO Steadicam kit. The system is in great condition and was completely serviced by Jack at PRO a couple years ago. It has been meticulously maintained and in great shape for an operator looking for a complete kit that is ready to shoot with. For now I am looking to sell the equipment as a full package. I prefer local pickup between NYC and the DC (DMV area). Willing to arrange shipping within the United States at buyer expense including shipping, insurance, and PayPal fees. Asking $65,000 OBO. Please email, call, or text if interested: michaelderario@gmail.com 914-282-1330 GPI Pro 2 HD Sled including: DBIII Telescoping Centerpost Gen IV Battery Rack Pro Gimbal with VZ Grip Cam Jam Quattro II Monitor arm with integrate yoke SmallHD DP7 High Bright Monitor Pro Sled Tools Pelican Air 1615 Sled Case Vest: GPI Pro Vest Fikenca Steadicam Vest Bag Arm: GPI Pro Titan Arm 4x Blue Canisters 4x Black Canisters Short & long arm posts PRO arm bag 4 slot canister bag Batteries: Anton Bauer XT90 (Quantity 9 batteries) - batteries are like new with under 25 charge cycles Anton Bauer LP4 Charger - like new/purchased with batteries Pelican 1520 Case for Anton Bauer batteries & charger Steadicam support: Hill docking bracket Hill Mag-dock2 CatGriller American Steadistand Walter Klassen Hardmount Kit with Mitchell Mount and Doughty Clamp includes Pelican case Additional monitor/recorder: Transvideo 5” OLED StarliteHD+ - brand new Brackets, plates, etc: Hill MDR mounting system PRO low mode bracket 3x PRO Baseplates 1x Hill Baseplate Switronix Pro-X Blank Goldmount support Harrison Standby Cover Cables: Alexa Mini Power Cable 3x Alexa Power 3x RED Power 3x MDR Power 3x Panavision Power 4 Pin XLR Sony Power Cinetape Power Other assorted power cables Link to photos here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/rbeevnmcqb200mx/AAAOTIYFe8Bny807I6nuM5lDa?dl=0 IMG_4421.HEIC IMG_4423.HEIC IMG_4424.HEIC IMG_4425.HEIC IMG_4426.HEIC IMG_4427.HEIC IMG_4428.HEIC IMG_4429.HEIC IMG_4404.HEIC IMG_4403.HEIC IMG_4407.HEIC IMG_4406.HEIC IMG_4408.HEIC IMG_4402.HEIC IMG_4358.HEIC IMG_4359.HEIC IMG_4360.HEIC IMG_4362.HEIC IMG_4354.HEIC IMG_4352.HEIC IMG_4346.HEIC IMG_4342.HEIC IMG_4370.HEIC IMG_4388.HEIC IMG_4389.HEIC IMG_4393.HEIC IMG_4415.HEIC IMG_4419.HEIC IMG_4451.HEIC IMG_4452.HEIC IMG_4373.HEIC IMG_4375.HEIC IMG_4376.HEIC IMG_4377.HEIC IMG_4374.HEIC IMG_4378.HEIC IMG_4379.HEIC IMG_4380.HEIC IMG_4381.HEIC IMG_4382.HEIC IMG_4385.HEIC
  4. Selling my Preston kit in great condition - MDR3 and HU3 include Blue dot upgrades/Light Ranger ready and motors are relatively new. Prefer local pickup between NYC and the DC (DMV area). Willing to arrange shipping within the United States at buyer expense including shipping, insurance, and PayPal fees. Please email, call, or text if interested: michaelderario@gmail.com 914-282-1330 Asking $21,750 OBO. Preston package includes HU3 G4 handset - with quick grip release & Microforce bracket (Blue dot upgrade) MDR3 G4 - (Blue dot upgrade - Light Ranger ready) Focus/Iris Single Channel Focus Mapping Premarked Rings (Ai,Bi,Ci,Di,Ei) Blank Rings DM1X Motor DM2X Motor DM5 Motor Accessories: Motor Rod inserts Watson Battery Charger 4x Li-ion Batteries FM50 Pelican 1510 Case Brackets: 4x Hill PAM 1x Hill Uniclamp Cables: 6x Motor Cables Cinetape to MDR3 2x MDR3 Pwr/Command MDR3 Lemo Power 2x MDR3 Ptap Power MDR3 Command cable MDR3 Serial cable MDR Y Cable Link to photos: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/2oxqfbmqvp8wn94/AAAvGM6OJ7jM7A7nVe_F20hOa?dl=0 IMG_4439.HEIC IMG_4446.HEIC IMG_4431.HEIC IMG_4442.HEIC IMG_4441.HEIC IMG_4444.HEIC IMG_4447.HEIC IMG_4448.HEIC IMG_4449.HEIC IMG_4450.HEIC
  5. Looking for a used Betz Wave for a project that starts April 5 in NYC. If anyone is selling please message or email me mderariocamera@gmail.com. Thanks, Mike
  6. Bump. A few pending sales fell through. Please message if interested.
  7. Price drops. See below: IIIA Gimbal: $800 OBO ARRI MBP-1 (includes DSLR riser): $225 OBO AJA HDMI to SDI Converter (includes 3 pin Lemo power): $200
  8. I'm dropping the price to $1500 for all 6 Dionics or $250 a piece. Please message me if interested. Thanks.
  9. Price drop to $1650 for all six Dionic HCs or willing to discuss separating if interested. Best, Mike
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