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  1. Some browsers or their settings force https for security reasons. You website only supports http.
  2. Looking for a DUAL 2722 charger. please PM me.
  3. I own s/n 15 still with the Steve St. John's tag. Bought in 2007 from Gregory Smith. Frankensteind it to my XCS with a PRO donkey box 1 bought from Alec. Hope you'll find one Roman!
  4. I had similar issues with regular Alexas and REDs in combination with my Ultimate 1 electronics. 12 vdc was hard wired, so always power on the camera. The moment I switched the Ultimate 1 electronics on (28vdc inverter and some minor bits and pieces) the camera did a reboot. Probably it takes only a few milliseconds of a voltage drop to cause an off/on at the camera.
  5. Looking for GPI PRO gyro mount. The whole assembly that goes onto a gyro. Best, Benjamin
  6. Hi Alastair, what version of a PRO rig do you have? Did you on/off switch any other devices on your rig that was in sync with the LF turning off? Did it turn off or did it reboot? Preston in the mix? Powered over the rig or camera?
  7. Depending on the XCS plates you have (there are a few variations) they might not fit the M1. The dovetail face might not be high enough. It depends on how wide the vertical part of the plate is.
  8. Selling two (2) used XCS sliding camera plates. €250 each. These plates are $625 new. Only shipping to Europe! VAT Nr. is required for EU buyer! 19% VAT for German buyer! Buyer pays shipping!
  9. Selling a bunch of used XCS plates. 3 in mint condition €180. 2 in good condition with cosmetic wear €150. These plates are $400 new. Only shipping to Europe! VAT Nr. is required for EU buyer! 19% VAT for German buyer! Buyer pays shipping!
  10. https://www.dropbox.com/s/32yaasjpdbiihy7/Transport-DIONIC%20HC.pdf?dl=1 It's just the relevant page of the user manual. You'll find that on the Antonbauer website.
  11. Looking for an old thin XCS camera plate Greg Bubb used to have in the early 2000s.
  12. Thanks AJ! Doing a movie with Daniel Radcliffe at the momentan. For some shots we attached an iPhone to him. Got great results with smoothing between 10 and 15. Sometimes we went as far down as 6. There is quite a gap between 6 and 5. 5 is unusable whereas 6 works for certain shots.
  13. Hi Ramon, Jens, I would love to see a few pictures of your solutions. Ben
  14. Excellent! What settings did you use when attaching the phone to the actors?
  15. it depends... Are you seeing vibrations in your footage as well? A bit more information on your setup would help...
  16. Hi all, looking for a rental with Antonbauer batteries for my Steadicam in New Zealand. Doing a feature there and shipping batteries is utter shit. Best, Benjamin
  17. I can only second ALL above said. Good luck! BTW 1 frame delay is pretty much standard. Nothing to fuss about.
  18. PRICE: €5000 Selling my Cine Tape/Cini Remote kit. All in good condition. Set comes with: -Display w/ 1/4-20 threaded mounting bracket -Horns w/ tube extension -Pan/Tilt head -Clean’s Cine Tape bracket -Cini Remote Display -Cini Remote Tx -4x antennas -2x D-tap power cables -2x Arri-RS power cables -2x Horn cables -2x Cini Remote Tx power/data cables -2x WCU-3/4 to Cini Remote Display power cables -Cini Remote Display 9 Volt block power adapter -2x custom 3D printed sunshades -case Buyer is responsible for shipping, customs, taxes. Käufern aus Deutschland wird 19% USt. in Rechnung gestellt. If your business is within the EU you have to have a valid VAT-ID. Otherwise 19% VAT will be added to the invoice. ONLY B2B!!
  19. I don't know about about Steadicam sleds, never had the chance to get hold of one, but the XCS Standard plate and the XCS Side Adjustable Plate in standard version do NOT fit the Betz-Tools topstage, Wave1 and tripod plate. I can't tell you if the XCS Side Adjustable Plate LT version does fit. Maybe it does. Addition: There have been a variety of different plate sizes from XCS over the years. My comment relates to the latest versions of plates as of Sept. 2017. There are older versions of the the XCS Standard plate that do fit.
  20. Call Betz-Tools they might have one or know an operator who has. +49 89 65113220
  21. The one on Jerry's page is made by Sal as well. I bought mine at Sal's shop. Give him a call or send him an email. He is keen to keep his stuff up to date. A new spacer block will do it.
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