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  1. NODO https://nodo.film are currently working to make their inertia wheels compatible with ARRI Trinity and Maxima. For some testing, they would need a Trinity or Maxima in their shop in LA for about a week. Who owning a Trinityor Maxima can help out ? Please contact: Boyd Hobbs, boyd@nodo.film. Many thanks and cheers Thomas Gottschalk
  2. Hi Ilya, I a have a brandnew set of Antlerts V3 for sale here in Germany!
  3. Selling my great Betz Wave 1. I used this only on a couple of day-playing assignments, so it´s practically in almost new condition. Technically as well as cosmetically. Works flawlessly, but even just recently got the newer, reinforced rollers and a service by Christian Betz in Munich. Comes with: Betz Wave 1 Short dovetail Wave to D-TAP power cable 1,5' (45cm) Manual Custom case Asking price € 5500,00 Gear located in Europe. I can help with shipping and customs declaration. Buyer will pay for shipping and customs fees.
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