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  1. Many thanks! Appreciate your good intention, Charles! :-)
  2. Bumpidibump...? No one? Please help! Maxima Gimbal or Arri Trinity still required for some implementation testing for inertia wheels by Nodo Film the hot new wheel set by the makers of the Alpha wheels. I would do it, but unfortunately I am overseas in Europe.
  3. NODO https://nodo.film are currently working to make their inertia wheels compatible with ARRI Trinity and Maxima. For some testing, they would need a Trinity or Maxima in their shop in LA for about a week. Who owning a Trinityor Maxima can help out ? Please contact: Boyd Hobbs, boyd@nodo.film. Many thanks and cheers Thomas Gottschalk
  4. Hi Ilya, I a have a brandnew set of Antlerts V3 for sale here in Germany!
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