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  1. Hi Ilya, I a have a brandnew set of Antlerts V3 for sale here in Germany!
  2. Selling my great Betz Wave 1. I used this only on a couple of day-playing assignments, so it´s practically in almost new condition. Technically as well as cosmetically. Works flawlessly, but even just recently got the newer, reinforced rollers and a service by Christian Betz in Munich. Comes with: Betz Wave 1 Short dovetail Wave to D-TAP power cable 1,5' (45cm) Manual Custom case Asking price € 5500,00 Gear located in Europe. I can help with shipping and customs declaration. Buyer will pay for shipping and customs fees.
  3. Hi Jonas, suchst Du noch oder wavest Du schon? Ich verkaufe mein Wave 1. Bei Interesse melde Dich. Thomas
  4. Thanks Damian, OS is great! How is it going with the Jackall so far ?
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