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  1. Thomas Gottschalk

    Betz Wave

    Hi Jonas, suchst Du noch oder wavest Du schon? Ich verkaufe mein Wave 1. Bei Interesse melde Dich. Thomas
  2. Thomas Gottschalk

    Who has used the OS "Jackall"- Rickshaw so far?

    Thanks Damian, OS is great! How is it going with the Jackall so far ?
  3. Thomas Gottschalk

    Who has used the OS "Jackall"- Rickshaw so far?

  4. Thomas Gottschalk

    Walter Klassen FLEX Harness Steadicam Vest

    SOLD! Thank You!
  5. Thomas Gottschalk

    Steadicam M1 Volt

    Hi Deke, this is what a skilled machinist did for my docking bracket now. Works very nice and truly no loss of strength. Just the little screw holding the plastic inlay through the bottom is a bit wiggly...
  6. Posting on behalf of a friend: Walter Klassen FLEX Harness Steadicam Vest I recently switched to Tiffen Exovest so I'm selling my Walter Klassen. As you can see on the pictures it was hardly used and looks still almost like new. The padding is in great condition, so is the air bladder. No tearing, no real scratches only little cosmetic signs of use. For information about body measurement, see the picture attached. Included: - Walter Klassen FLEX Harness - Klassen Carbon Arm in leather cover - Air Bladder and air pump -Crossover Block for Regular and Goofy - Original vest bag (beautiful bag :-)) - Lots of spare parts, spare screws, spare ladder straps, etc. PRICE: €3400/$3800 + shipping, duties and VAT (if to be applied) Paypal 3% transaction fee. Shipping worldwide, from Germany. EU Sales preferred. Please contact me: sascha.el.gendi@gmail.com
  7. Thomas Gottschalk

    Steadicam M1 Volt

    Hi Deke, looking good! Could you post a detail pic of the milled out section? What you think, does the plastic inlay stay strong enough for everyday abuse with the cut?
  8. Hi everyone, I wonder who has used the Optical Support "Jackall"- Rickshaw so far?
  9. Thomas Gottschalk

    Steadicam M1 Volt

    Hi all, I just updated a Betz Rig with a Volt System. I ordered only the Steadicam M1 docking fork with it, because it connects with the my beloved Jerry Hill Docking Bracket. But after the first couple of days with my this new docking system I am not entirely happy yet. The Volt-fork fits the body of the Hill bracket well. But since the collar of the plastic inlay of the Volt-fork is rather high, I can´t pull the balancing rod over the fork anymore. I would like to mill out the plastic collar/insert of the bracket, so the balancing rod of the Hill bracket can slide over the fork again. Not sure if the plastic inlay would survive the surgery... Is anyone using the same fork/bracket combination? Anyone done anything similar yet?
  10. Thomas Gottschalk

    Batt powered push-button (timed off) LED to backlight spirit level

    Hey Alan, did you find anything yet? I am dreaming of the same thing...Light up the bubble on the back of the Betz... ;-)
  11. Thomas Gottschalk

    Wave-1 and Gyro combination?

    Thank You, Alec ! That sounds very interesting. I will definitely try your system out. Best wishes Thomas
  12. Thomas Gottschalk

    Looking for an Omega AR

    Bump.Bump. :-)
  13. Thomas Gottschalk

    Looking for an Omega AR

    Looking for an Omega AR. Last version.
  14. Thomas Gottschalk

    Share your production myths!

    Hi there, tuning in from Europe, this is some very interesting read, but excuse me, what exactly does "pro rated" and "non pro rated" mean?
  15. Looking for a Betz Tools stick zoom control.