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  1. Hello everyone, Hope you're safe and well. Ever since I upgraded to the M-1 rig, I haven't been using this one. Originally planned to keep it as a backup kit but it's been sitting around for quite some time now. I'm the first and only owner of this rig; bought new from Tiffen in February 2015. Below is what's included in this sale: - Steadicam Archer 2 sled - Dovetail plate with two screws - Steadicam G50X arm - Rain cover + bag for the arm - 1x 12V Lemo to XLR 4-pin cable - 1x Transvideo Lemo power cable (5-pin to 8pin) - 1x 24V Lemo to F
  2. Hi everyone, I'm selling my lightly used Bartech system. As you can see, the system is very well maintained and fully functional. Here's what's included in the package: - BFD Transmitter - BFD Receiver/amplifier - M-One Analog Focus motor (Very accurate, responsive, and reliable even in extreme conditions) - Matte box rod receiver/amp mounting bracket (the 4 small screws are missing but you can easily get new ones) - 5x Aluminium focus rings - Lens gears: 0.8m-32P, 0.6m, 48P, 0.5m, 0.4/64pitch, extra wide 0.8/32pitch - Various Rod collets - 19mm universal mounting bracket; w
  3. True, but it's always better to have a guide to refer to. Thanks for your reply. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Thank you Steve for the detailed reply. May I ask why was your product discontinued? I'm interested in buying one... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Gentlemen, I'm the proud owner of a Transvideo Cinemonitor 6" X-SBL and love everything about it. However, after many jobs I'm noticing that the included virtual horizon 2 becomes off balance after a pan, tilt or other minor movement (even though on their website it's written that the monitor has real-time shock compensation and acceleration compensation.) I have already turned off the (0 Cal on Tap) parameter and still have the problem, which is starting to annoy me honestly. So, I'm herewith looking for solutions and would like your expert advice. Transvideo have the Virtual hor
  6. Brooks, thank you for this wonderful post and for all the great work you've done. Much respect!
  7. Hi all, I'm selling my backup monitor. It has served me well for many years and since I got a new one, I stopped using this one completely . It has cosmetic wear and tear, but it's in very good working condition. Great for someone looking to buy a quality monitor on a limited budget. 3G SD/HD SDI, HDMI, analog, YPrPb & RGB For a complete list of specs, please check the transvideo website. (It's the 2011 generation) It comes with Hood, screen protective cover and Pelican case. Asking for 1000$, buyer pays shipping. Email to: contact@christopherkechichian.com A
  8. Thank you gentlemen for your replies, much appreciated! I finally got the 6" one since the 8" is too heavy for my rig but I can't complain, the monitor is just excellent!
  9. Hi Greg, I reread your post regarding the batteries and power management, but I have a curious question. ( please excuse my naivety) You said you're running your sled now with two 235Wh batteries, however batteries with this capacity weigh around 2Kg each, so how do you balance your sled? I think it's nearly impossible to have two batteries on the opposite side of the monitor (no dynamic balance, and maybe a chance to have vibrations). Do you use one battery on the bottom of the sled and another on the opposite side of the monitor? Isn't this kind of setup a bit limiting? Thanks aga
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