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  1. Selling my PLC Veracity wheels which I bought for use with the Trinity 3 wheel set, great condition, with Mitchell mount and custom case Includes radios for Arri, Ronin, and MoVI $8500 Free shipping in CONUS Located in Atlanta dekekeener@me.com
  2. Hi Michael - I have both, available for $150 each. Cheers, - Deke dekekeener at me dot com
  3. The pairing process takes so damn long I’d hate to split them up unless I really had to.
  4. These are the heavier wheels Cinemills sells to replace the lightweight ones that come stock on Alpha Wheels Very nice craftsmanship, I no longer need them Also, if anyone collects Grayson Austin memorabilia, these were once owned by him (certificate of authenticity pending) Asking $275, located in ATL, free shipping in CONUS dekekeener at me dot com
  5. Used but always loved GPI Pro vest for sale, just replaced the ever-fraying chest latch strap - new design looks to have fixed this issue Currently set up for 6’ 180lbs individual Fun Meter recently calibrated, included at no extra charge Asking $4850, free shipping in CONUS, located in ATL dekekeener at me dot com
  6. Just had this motor serviced at Preston - no problems found, just replaced the Lemo connector. Including Hill PAM bracketry for 19mm rods and 15mm insert (not pictured). $1,500 USD with free shipping in the states - located in ATL ser # 3481 dekekeener@me.com
  7. Just tried it - looks good! -dk
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