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  1. Just tried it - looks good! -dk
  2. How is this still available! c r a z y . . .
  3. Hi Matteo, not for nothing, but I have an x-bone for sale in the marketplace if you’d like to give it a try... cheers, - deke
  4. I like the Eartec Ultralights - base station is built in to one of the headsets, batteries last a long time, good clear communication. Also, if I’m not remembering wrong, swinging the mouthpiece up out of the way mutes it, so you’re not listening to every conversation nearby.
  5. Betz Twister - great condition Includes handles, easy rig overhead mount, 5/8” arm post, and pelican case For more info see here: https://www.betz-tools.com/en/twister.php $1600 - free shipping in lower 48 dekekeener@me.com
  6. xBone - unused, new in box Works both regular or goofy - Back mount for Exovest, Klassen, or action products vests - Multiple arm configurations and heights - Includes a nifty speed rail mount just because I guess - For more information see here: https://www.flowcine.com/product/xbone/ Very nice, super adjustable socket block - $1800 - free shipping in lower 48 dekekeener@me.com
  7. xReach - regular mode - xR3ach Gives you an additional 15.3 inches of boom range and adds back mount to your Exovest - Also can be adapted to work with Klassen or action products vests - Comes with 4 spring cores for a weight range from 17-64 lbs. and multiple arm configurations -- Used once, in perfect, new condition with factory Pelican case - For more information check out: https://www.flowcine.com/product/xr3ach/ $5500 - free shipping in lower 48 dekekeener@me.com
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