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  1. Deke Keener

    Game changing Betz Modification

    That’s *really* cool...
  2. FOR SALE: (10) Switronix (now CoreSWX) Hypercore Pro-X 75wh gold mount batteries w/ d-tap port I have used these batteries to power 16mm, 35mm, Alexa, Red, and Venice cameras with no issues. Charged as follows: 1 - 84 cycles 2 - 89 cycles 3 - 81 cycles 4 - 73 cycles 5 - 86 cycles 6 - 82 cycles 7 - 86 cycles 8 - 135 cycles 9 - 85 cycles 10 - 82 cycles Paid $275/each 2 years ago Asking $100/each + shipping from ATL dekekeener@me.com
  3. Deke Keener

    Atlanta Area: Sled Electrical System

    You say it hasn’t been the same - what’s it doing?
  4. Deke Keener

    Low mode - docking position

    Hi Sam - I used to run a lower docking collar for low mode, but don’t anymore. In the old days, we flipped the whole camera and remounted it for low mode. It made sense to hang the rig from the bottom end so the camera was right side up for reloading, etc. Now, most people go low mode by simply flipping the rig and the image as well. For me, it makes more sense to hang the rig right side up (again, for ease of reloading, etc) and then spin it when I put it up to fly. It adds a half second or so, but I find the time... Hope this helps. - dk
  5. Deke Keener

    Gloves. Why wear them?

    Extra points for shorts and knee high socks.
  6. Deke Keener

    Sony Venice

    Brett - what do you mean no low mode without flipping the camera mounting?
  7. Deke Keener

    Suggestions for combating extreme sweat?

    I keep a bag of fresh shirts on the truck, and use a product called “Vapor Fresh” to keep my vest from getting up and walking away on it’s own. Georgia heat & humidity are a bitch even before you put the rig on.
  8. Deke Keener

    rig bed on the truck

    Sorry to hear Brett!
  9. Deke Keener

    Wave-1 and Gyro combination?

    I’ve been mounting one gyro vertically on the post in conjunction with the Wave. Just had it up again yesterday, worked great.
  10. Deke Keener

    Wave-1 and Gyro combination?

    I had a successful build recently with one gyro on the post along with the wave. Bumpy dirt road, mounted to a Gator, tracking characters running through the woods on about a 170mm. Loved it, will definitely go that way again.
  11. Deke Keener

    Preston MDR2 G4 with cables, bracket

    Now: MDR2 G4 (1) Arri power (2) Arri run//stop $1000 Free shipping in CONUS
  12. Deke Keener

    rig bed on the truck

    I just recently built this coffin. Got inspired when I saw a dayplayer utility drop his backpack on my furny padded sled... Its pretty simple, but I think itll do a better job of protecting it without having to buy another case.
  13. Deke Keener

    Preston MDR2 G4 with cables, bracket

    Price reduced - $1350 dekekeener@me.com