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  1. Hello! I've broken up the package and sold many items. What I have left for sale is the following: MK-V sled with Betz topstage and Small HD DP7 Pro Ultrabrite monitor Preston MDR1 with Handset v2 and 3 motors with all brackets, batteries, cables and accessories Teradek Bolt 2000 with 1 receiver and 1 Sidekick- all cables, mounting hardware, etc. Klassen Harness with spare parts and hard shipping case (Pelican) Assortment of cables 11 IDX V-lock batteries with 2 IDX quade chargers Assortment of brackets: Pro D bracket, Pana horseshoe mount iris rod bracket, assorted Hill brackets If there is something you need and think I might have it, please message me and ask. Thank you, Bob
  2. Hello 

    I m interested in sled arm and vest 

    if it still available!! 
    can we talk about those items 



    1. bobgorelick


      Hey Joseph. Feel free to give me a call if you want to discuss anything. 310 869-9959.



  3. Hi. How much for exovest?

    1. bobgorelick


      The exovest sold. I do, however, have a Klassen vest still for sale. Let me know if you're interested.



  4. Steadicam Equipment For Sale This is a turnkey system and everything is in excellent working order. Photos will be posted by the end of this week.. I would like to sell everything as a package but would be willing to sell some items separately. Please contact me if you have any questions. Price for everything is $65,000. MKV Nexus V3.5 HD 2” 2 stage post with gimbal, Betz top stage, Cam Jam monitor bracket ,4 camera mounting plates, Anton Bauer and V lock battery plates, MKV soft shell travel case plus a Pelican hard case for shipping. Small HD DP7 Pro Ultra Bright Monitor with Anton Bauer or V lock battery plate on back. Tiffen Exovest Pro Arm with 4 blue and 4 black spring canisters 11 IDX V-lock batteries, 2 IDX quad chargers and Pelican case Preston Focus System: MDR 1 with Handset 2 and Sony battery upgrade. 2 DM1 motors, 1 DM2 lightweight motor- all with Hill PAM brackets, cables and gears. Teradek Bolt 2000 system with additional Sidekick receiver. Comes complete with all cables, power supplies, antennas and brackets. Moses Pole 2 American Grip docking stands. One with wheels. 2 MKV docking brackets Assorted iris rods, and all kinds of brackets and gizmos Assorted cables for Preston, all film and digital cameras, and some specialty items GPI low mode bracket GPI Garfield mount Rain covers Magliner Senior with motorized wheel ( all other wheels are foam filled- no more flats!) Small Pelican AKS case with assorted tools, handy items. Pelican and custom thermodyne travel cases for all parts. (see photos).
  5. I have a Teradek Bolt generation 1 with 2 receivers, power supplies and 1 P-tap power (2pin) cable for sale. Everything is in excellent condition with absolutely no issues. Comes with the Pelican case. Price is $1800 . Feel free to contact me with any questions. Bob Gorelick 310 869-9959 or bobgorelick@gmail.com
  6. Yes, UHF! I have a Modulus 3000 transmitter and an XCS receiver for sale. Both are in excellent working condition, with some normal cosmetic wear and tear. I don't even know how to price them.... so if you are interested, make me an offer.
  7. Man I've had this a long time. But it still works great for anyone transmitting on UHF. Has a 4 pin xlr or can run for several hrs on 1 9V replaceable battery. Has 2 video outs and 1 antenna for RX. Asking $250. bobgorelick@gmail.com
  8. The monitor has been used but is in very good shape. Can be used as a backup monitor with downconverter. Price is $500 OBO. Contact me at (310) 869-9959 or bobgorelick@gmail.com.
  9. Sony PVM 740. With 4 pin xlr and v lock adapter plate on back for power. Monitor is very clean and has no issues. Price $1000 OBO. Bob (310) 869-9959 or bobgorelick@gmail.com
  10. Hello, Who out there owns an Exo vest? I would like to talk with you to help me decide on whether or not to go that route. Feel free to contact me at bobgorelick@gmail.com, or 310 869-9959. Thank you!
  11. I have been using Mathias Biber's cam/jam yoke for several weeks and like it a lot. Beautifully engineered and machined. And best of all.... simple!
  12. Hi Richard, here is a link to specs on the unit: http://www.switronix.com/products?page=shop.product_details&flypage=flypage.tpl&product_id=159&category_id=49 I don't have photos of my specific one handy but be assured it is all there and in great condition. I can get photos of my Ultra when I get to my equipt on Monday if you want.
  13. Switronix HD transmitter/receiver for sale. Has Anton Bauer gold mount and 4 pin xlr for power. Comes with Cordura carry case/manual and 4 antennas. Everything is in excellent condition and working without issues. $2100.
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