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  1. It is sent to Foma systems Germany for service and updating, so buyer will get an up to date and just serviced tool. Make me an offer.
  2. Feel free to write to me for more pictures(could upload here more than one pic) or demo videos of it working. Siim
  3. Hello Selling my trusty Maxima MX30 gimbal, since i have moved on to ARRI SRH-3 and jobs are more stbailized head related than gimbal. Bought mid 2017. Updated firmware. Set includes: Maxima MX30 gimbal Gold mount battery mount Euromount Mitchel mount Joystick for wireless controll 2x thumb controller Arri mini power cable Arri Alexa power cable Pelicase for transportation Pins for tripod mounting Computer for programming 5 different user settings Asking price 16000€ OBO Please write to siim@fookuspookus.ee for more pictures and information!
  4. Arm sale pending. Sled still for sale. Email me for more pictures and details.
  5. Lots of interest but still no sales. Send me your offers to siim(at)fookuspookus.ee
  6. Still available, Fastest way to contact is via E-mail. Siim(at)fookuspookus.ee.
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