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  1. Looking for a jerry hill GAD2 mag dock. thanks.
  2. Looking to buy Walter klassen rigid socket adaptor for pro titan arm. https://shop.walterklassen.com/products/gpi-pro-rigid-socket-adaptor thanks
  3. Custom built monitor bracket with Transvideo 8” yoke. Currently configured for 1.5” post, but fits 2” post as well. This custom bracket is rock solid, built with carbon fiber rods. Includes multiple mounting options...yoke mount, spud mount, recorder mount. Willing to sell without Transvideo 8” yoke if desired. Selling to upgrade to OS monitor bracket. Feel free to ask questions. $1000 obo Located in Los Angeles, CA
  4. This is an original db2 from gpi pro systems, serial number 025. Includes Hill diving board. Comes w/ a 12” Pro Vertical Displacement camera plate. I have had no issues with this donkey box in the 5 yrs of owning. I got it serviced by Jack when I first bought it, and serviced again on 12/05/19 in preparation for being sold. Minor cosmetic abrasions, but no mechanical issues. Great for a new operator, running rig, second rig, or any other top stage needs! I am upgrading to the DB3s, which is why I am selling. $1750 obo. Buyer pays shipping and fees. Located in Los Angeles, CA.
  5. Hey Deke, can you post a picture of the monitor on so that we can see the impact the screen scratch has on the image? Thanks
  6. Walter Klassen socket block adaptor for small rig female (pilot/scout/zephyr/etc...) to universal male socket block. Fly your small rig with full size vest. Hardmount your small rig with WK or other standard size hardmount. $250 USD + shipping/fees Los Angeles, CA
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