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  1. Hey Deke, can you post a picture of the monitor on so that we can see the impact the screen scratch has on the image? Thanks
  2. Are you interested in selling just the DB3? If so, how much?
  3. Walter Klassen socket block adaptor for small rig female (pilot/scout/zephyr/etc...) to universal male socket block. Fly your small rig with full size vest. Hardmount your small rig with WK or other standard size hardmount. $250 USD + shipping/fees Los Angeles, CA
  4. PRICE DROP!! $5500 usd Restored to original socket block. Picture to follow.
  5. Selling my very clean, very well maintained Master Series Arm. Serviced two years ago by Robert Luna with no issues. Currently set up with a custom rigid socket block for use with back mount vest. Will consider selling the rigid block separately if buyer has front mount vest. Also, currently set up with Luna Spacers to lower weight range from original range. Was 41-70lbs, Now 30-58lbs. Spacers can be removed if original weight range is desired. I have always taken the necessary precautions to cover the arm when the elements required it. This arm has been amazing for me. I am selling to upgrade to a Pro Titan arm. Arm Includes: Soft arm bag 6" and 10" arm posts Custom rigid socket block w/ original block Luna Spacers for lower weight range $6000 usd + shipping Located in Los Angeles Open to reasonable offers
  6. FOR SALE: $100usd Pro SD Centerpost Cable Good Condition Comes with retaining rings Located in Los Angeles Buy pays Shipping + Fees
  7. FOR SALE: $300usd Decimator 2 HD/SDI Downconverter + Sled Power Good Condition Covered in Velcro for easy attachment Original box and cables Pro Sled power - 4pin Vid/Pwr Lemo to Decimator Bought New $500 - $350 decimator + $150 for sled pwr Buyer Pays Shipping + Fees Located in Los Angeles
  8. FOR SALE: Cinetronic Gen 1 6.5 Steadicam Monitor w/ Yoke Good Condition Blemish on screen does not effect view ability Screen protector, spirit level and thumb screws included $1250usd Located in Los Angeles Buyer pays shipping + fees http://www.cinetronic.com/steadicam-monitors/gen1
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