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  1. Hi Kabila, I have a 4 stage MKV Nexus with lots of acc’s I’m selling if interested. Email me at russgleeson@hotmail.com

  2. hey Torben, let me know if you are ok to split up the package, interested in the pro rig. Best , kapz
  3. Looking for a MKV 4 stage sled....Please email on vermakapz@gmail.com Best Regards, Kapz
  4. 13,000 pounds = 17,625 usd. TITAN with 4 springs Brand New cost - 17,000 usd.
  5. Hi, I am looking for a pro2 cine live sled. Any leads pls email me vermakapz@gmail.com Thanks, kapz.
  6. looking for pro2 cinelive sled. pls email- vermakapz@gmailcom best regards, k
  7. Hey Guys, Looking for a walter klassen vest and pro arm( 2 black and 2 blue springs). email - vermakapz@gmail.com Thanks, K
  8. Nikolay and Grant, Thank you for the replies... I have seen few videos of wave in action and also some footage, but somehow there no footage online, which has been shot on the m volt 1. would really like to see few. best regards, k
  9. Hey Guys, I went through the forum, but couldn't find any discussion on this topic.(if there is any, pls post the link below) Now since the m1volt is in the market, and many operators have tried both the equipments,can we please discuss pros and cons on these two? As i am looking to buy one of these for my pro 2 sled, would appreciate getting some feed back on this. Thanks in advance, Kapz
  10. interested in the rickshaw - pls reply to vermakapz@gmail.com best regards, k
  11. looking for hard mount .. pls contact - vermakapz@gmail.com kapz
  12. bump..... 14000 usd!!! with shipping included worldwide.
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