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  1. Hello Joseph. Are you by chance still interested in a Preston HU3? If so I may have one available for you. Please feel free to get in touch. jordan.levie@gmail.com

  2. Jordan Levie

    Replacement Breakers/Fuses for GPI Pro

    I have a follow up question on this that I wonder if anyone can offer some insight into... I've purchased several of the Klixon pop breakers in various ampacities and, in testing, have found them to be very much in the "slow-blow" category of circuit breakers. That is to say, they do not pop unless you dramatically overload them for at least several seconds. From what I can interpret in the product literature that is exactly how they are designed to perform. What concerns me is that these breakers don't seem to want to pop even when you create a hard short circuit across them directly from the battery (or even 110v AC...don't ask...no injuries or fires took place). In the case of 12v anton bauer batteries, the internal protection in the battery cuts the power in the case of a short well before the Klixon has a chance to pop. Clearly these are being used as more than glorified switches in PRO's sleds. But if these breakers take many hundreds of percent above their amp ratings--sustained for several seconds--in order to actually blow (and hard shorts don't do it either), how exactly are they effective protection for the sensitive electronics in the rig? Any thoughts would be appreciated. And no, I haven't called Pro yet. Planning to do so on Monday. Just thought I'd throw it out here and see if anyone had the answer = ) Cheers!
  3. Jordan Levie

    Replacement Breakers/Fuses for GPI Pro

  4. Hello wonderful Steadicam community! Can anyone help me? I'm not an op myself, but I'm working on an electronics camera power distro system that I think would benefit from using the same type of pop up breakers that one finds on the GPI Pro style sleds. I can't seem to find the exact replacement part listed anywhere and the various household pop breakers I keep seeing don't look like a match. It seems like these fuses can be replaced. Does anyone know the part numbers and where to find them? Thanks!!! -Jordan Levie