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  1. Seems like ops in NYC might have an opening; simply track down which gigs Scott Sans is on and apply ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. Yeah, what do you know about steadicam, Jerry?... ... mmm what?... ooooh.... wait...
  3. Hi Leon, This is the WTB (“wanted” section) so it’s for people who are looking to buy something specific. If you want to sell your monitor, you’d better try the “for sale” section...!
  4. ... and the magnificent artemis arm is SOLD!!! Thanks everyone!
  5. Paid 687€ in April 2019. Used for about a month, 2 minor cosmetic scratches. I’m based in Montreal, Canada, and I’ll ship almost everywhere. Buyer pays shipping. PayPal payment preferred. 600$ usd OBO
  6. Talk to your friends/apprentice/mother-in-law, dropping price to 4200$!!! Let’s find a new life for that arm!
  7. Let’s bump this one up and bring down the price to 4500$ USD. Can ship *almost* anywhere!
  8. Time to find my trusty (not rusty) Artemis ACT2 (NOT carbon) arm. 19kg and 23kg spring sets. As shown on pics, a few « rookie-caused » cosmetic wears but works perfectly. Bought it new, 8 years ago, so I was the only owner. Comes with a soft transport bag and a low-mode bracket. I’m based in Montreal, Canada. 5000$ USD, dm for more infos!
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