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  1. I really like it, but I just got myself an iBaird by Klassen, which is specifically made for a GPI Pro vest.
  2. For sale, Flowcine’s xDROP regular. $500 usd + shipping (I’m based in Toronto)
  3. Being a steadicam (then Trinity) operator should follow (imo) being a camera operator. There’s much more to this job than lifting and moving the rig. But yeah, being on sets is the (only) way to make it. Best of luck!!!
  4. You should put this in the « marketplace » section…
  5. Anyone has a dust-collecting MAG-DOCK2 that I could give a second life, before ordering a new one?
  6. Never used. Brand new. Came with my M2 Volt gimbal for my Pro 1.5“ sled Buyers pay shipping. 750$ USD
  7. Anyone has tried to mount the control box behind the top stage, keeping the orientation?
  8. I know it’s a long shot but before ordering one directly from XCS, I’m wondering if someone here would get rid of one.
  9. Looks great but I was wondering; don’t you feel like the camera sits a bit too high in your shoulder?
  10. Yeah… I’m trying to get a more environment friendly option than using plastic Saran wrap…
  11. Hello group! I’d like to see what are the options when it comes to sled rain covers, fro monitors & battery racks, lower & upper stages, even camera protection. (Pro CineLive, gen III, Transvideo HD6 and SmallHD 703 with AB plate)
  12. The Blue Plates are a must with the Wave1 so yeah, you’ll get rid of a few headaches!
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