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  1. Hey Peter, I wanted to pick your brain a bit more about the micro-panning Kevin wrote about. I sometimes feel I have that problem. I realized it happens most when I put a lot of weight down the middle of the sled instead of spreading the weight between the monitor and the battery side. Also, if it was a hardware issue, is it something in the centering of the gimbal? And how would I fix it? Thanks in advance.
  2. I was going to do that, and it would have worked great I am sure, but I am planning on switching systems altogether. I have added some pictures of my PRO electronics and how the Battery Rack GEN IV does not fit. Some people have asked why I am selling, and why it did not fit. I bought the system used, so I am not sure if this is the original 12-24V switch, which is quite large in size.
  3. The Cramped Attic jumper block allows all batteries to power the sled at the same time, making them hot-swappable. You can change one battery without powering down the system. It is only 12V though.
  4. Hello all, I am selling a brand new v Hot Swappable jumper block, and the regular Pro Gen IV jumper block. I have an older sled and the battery rack did not fit. Pro does not accept returns, and so I have to sell it. The items have never been used or even installed as the rack never fit. Comes with 2 sets of 6 Screws for attaching the rack to the sled. Here is how the prices breakdown: PRO Battery rack IV Price: $2,190 plus shipping. 12V Hot Swap Jumper Block by crampet attic: $225 plus shipping. My Price: $1,975 buyer pays shipping, which should be between $80-$100 via Fed
  5. Does anyone know if the ARRI Artemis can take BETZ-Tools Dovetails? Thank you in advance for any answers.
  6. Hi Chris 

    Are you still looking for a shark Fin antennas and a  Redbyte Decimator 

    as I have a few for sale 

    Talk soon

     Louis Puli .

  7. Looking for a set of antlers. Thank you.
  8. Do you happen to know the voltage of the Pro/Wave Cable? Would you sell the Jumper blocks individually? Thank you
  9. Hi Christian. Im 5.5' tall . will the vest fit me?

    1. Christian Ramirez-Coll

      Christian Ramirez-Coll

      Hey there, I believe it will, most important is your waist size and weight, because of the ratchet closure.

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