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  1. Hi Chris 

    Are you still looking for a shark Fin antennas and a  Redbyte Decimator 

    as I have a few for sale 

    Talk soon

     Louis Puli .

  2. Looking for a set of antlers. Thank you.
  3. Do you happen to know the voltage of the Pro/Wave Cable? Would you sell the Jumper blocks individually? Thank you
  4. Hi Christian. Im 5.5' tall . will the vest fit me?

    1. Christian Ramirez-Coll

      Christian Ramirez-Coll

      Hey there, I believe it will, most important is your waist size and weight, because of the ratchet closure.

  5. Price reduced to 3,400 without the front mount option, or 3,800 with the front mount, buyer pays shipping. Also attaching a few more pictures of the front mount and the vest without the front mount. Thanks
  6. Price Drop: $3,800, buyer pays shipping. Also an operator was kind enough to give me some feedback on the vest that may help inform a future purchase. The vest is for someone with a waist size between 31-34. The back of the vest measures, 19 and 3/4 inches, which will be suitable for people measuring between 5'10'' - 6'01'' in height. This is also a bit stiffer version than the new Klassen Vests, which from his feedback felt better. Thanks.
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