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  1. Price Drop: $3,800, buyer pays shipping. Also an operator was kind enough to give me some feedback on the vest that may help inform a future purchase. The vest is for someone with a waist size between 31-34. The back of the vest measures, 19 and 3/4 inches, which will be suitable for people measuring between 5'10'' - 6'01'' in height. This is also a bit stiffer version than the new Klassen Vests, which from his feedback felt better. Thanks.
  2. Yes, mine came from Australia. I bought it from an operator in Australia he was 5'11, 190lbs, 34-36In waist. I tried it for a week, and did not love it. I like the back mount, but not the vest fit.
  3. I have a Klassen Vest for sale. Go to my profile to find the description, or maybe this link will work: $4,000 with up to $100 of shipping included.
  4. For sale A Dual Front, Back Mounted Klassen Vest. I bought the vest just two weeks ago from an Operator in Australia. This vest is quite different because it has a front mount option built in, designed by Garret Brown. The vest is in great shape, and works as it should. I wanted to compare the back mount Klassen with my current vest. Unfortunately I did not enjoy operating with the Klassen. The original operator was 5'11, 190lbs 34-36In waist. The vest my fit someone bigger or smaller as well. Comes with spare parts, air pump, and a travel bag for the vest and the arm. The price, shipping to the continental US included, is $4,300 (firm). You can contact me via the forum or email: christian@iflysteadi.com Thank you.
  5. Selling my trusty Master Series Arm. It was inspected, cleaned, oiled and tuned by Rober Lune in CA, about a year ago. A new piece has been made to hold the post, getting rid of the spring system, that is the silver part holding the post. There is white paint on one of the covers as I scraped a wall going through a hallway for a shot. Also, there is some discoloration in one of the arm joints, this has no effect on the functionality of the arm. It works great. Comes with low mode bracket, two posts (Short and Extra long) and a bag (not pictured) asking for $5,000 shipping included within the US and Puerto Rico. International Shipping may be more. I am willing to send the gear to Robert Luna for inspection at my expense, but the buyer would have to pay for shipping from C.A. to the final destination. Thank you.
  6. Hello, I am interested but live in Atlanta GA. I do have a few questions though. Thank you?
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