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  1. Hello Everyone, I am selling a barely used Letus Helix. The helix system was first engineered to complement a steadicam, by adding a top stage gimbal to the sled. A sample video of how that would work is linked to this post. At first I thought I would utilize it in such a manner, but never found the proper shoot for it. At this point, I need to move on to other ventures, and the system is no longer viable for me. The helix comes equipped with a Blue Tooth and RC module. The package includes: Letus Helix: 3 Axis Stabilizer. New from BH: $3,999 Letus Helix Batteries (2). New From BH: $149 each Letus Helix Pelican Case: New From BH: $399 Letus Helix Cable Package: New From BH: $150 Total new: $4,847 Buyer Pays Shipping. Links of Helix in use: https://vimeo.com/106169050 https://vimeo.com/111800857 https://vimeo.com/102221706 Thank you for your time and attention.
  2. For sale is a complete BarTech Follow Focus System. Here is what's included: BFD Receiver BFD Transmitter (4) Extra Antenna Price New: $2100 M-One Motor (6) Lens Gear Pitch Rings (2) Motor Cables (5) Rod Adapters Price New: $2500 (1) BFD Receiver Rod Mount Price New: $150 (1) RED Run Stop Cable Price New: $150 (1) Arri Run Stop Cable Price New: $150 (1) D (or P) Tap Motor Power Cable Price New: $125 (1) Ultra to BFD Power Cable Price New: $125 (1) BFD to BFD Power Cable Price New: $125 (1) Extra Long Motor Cable For Mounting BFD on a jib Price New: $225 (1) BFD Gimbal Control Price New: $200 (1) Plastic BFD Case Price New: $150 Plus some mounting accessories to attach other systems to the rod adapter. The whole thing was recently services by Jim Bartell from BarTech Engineering and Don Wetzel from Palomar Engineering, Inc. Asking for $3100.00 Buyer pays shipping. Thank you.
  3. Hello, This is a small item by comparison of everything here, but if any operator is looking for a camera Baseplate that fits most cameras this one is pretty versatile. It can go up and down and side to side with the adjustment of alen screws to accommodate odd camera sizes so that the lens stays in the center. I added additional bottom screw holes and top mounting points. Zacuto Original Price: $308 Asking Price: $165 Includes non-international shipping. Price is Firm. Thank you.
  4. Sale Pending. If you are interested and would like to be next in case the sale falls through let me know. Thank you.
  5. The Rig has always been good to me and can carry a pretty well built RED camera. Al you need is a tech. day to make sure about the weight. Bellow is a link to a commercial shot entirely on Steadicam with the Zephyr and a Red Epic. http://allagesproductions.com/health-republic-i-will-final-103013 For bigger pictures please contact me with you email address. Thank you for your interest.
  6. Hello, For sale is my Steadicam Zephyr, it includes: Sled Package - Standard Zephyr Vest - V- Mount Sled & Dovetail Plate - Steadicam SD Monitor with cables. - Marshall V-LCD70XP 3G-SDI with Sony - L battery back and cable to power from sled. - Zephyr arm (24 lb. max load) with extra unused pin - Docking Bracket - Extra Weights - Travel Case Power - (3) V-Mount Switronix Batteries - (1) Dual Switronix Charger Asking Price: $8,000. Located in Philadelphia, shipping included within the United States. Any price negotiations will not include shipping, which can be between $150-$250. Images Coming Soon.
  7. Hello, Where are you located? Also, your stills are very hard to see. How much was the unit used, and does it come in the case? Thank you.
  8. This is a robust, and well made DSLR cage for Film/Video use. It has plenty of 1/4 20 and 3/4 holes to attach accessories as well as one of the best HDMI security systems on the market. It has access panels for the battery, CF card, monitor, and top view LCD. It comes with a 15mm Rod adapter, and accessories to mount almost any camera. I have only used it with Canon DSLR, not sure if it can support a Nikon, but I am willing to test it out with the buyer. I have posted several pictures of the item, but if you need more clarification on the features please go to the video link bellow: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5k2-bTTD2WY Or search: "Hollywood HD-SLR Camera Cage--Alan Gordon Exclusive" on YouTube. The cage alone is priced at $508, new. The rod adapter is priced at $130, new. The whole package would cost $638.00 plus tax and shipping. At $325.00 this is a great deal for any DSLR filmmaker looking for a cage solution. Thank you.
  9. Hello, My name is Christian Ramírez-Coll, I got my Zephyr about four months ago and have been following the posts ever since. Thank you Mark Schlicher for starting this great conversation. I curently fly it with my 5DIII, Hollywood Cage and a newly acquired (used) Marshall 7'' Monitor. I am thinking of buying an Atomos Connect HDMI to SDI converted. Has anyone tried one yet.? here is their page: http://www.atomos.com/connect/ Thank you. P.S. I am having the same monitor-bracket-power conundrum as everyone else.
  10. Hello, I am coming new to this thread so I appologize if you have already answered this question. Would the sled come in it's case or was that already sold. Thank you.
  11. Hello, Is this rig still for sale? Let me know thank you.
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