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  1. Some people may be going with the Universal M1-Volt. Tom Wills I believe has both systems and would be able to say more about the differences. I think you wait 6 months and you may not find another used Wave on the market.


    I also think the Volt has a lower weight capacity, by maybe 10lb. The Wave can take 55lb camera load, whereas I thought I saw some specs that said the volt would take 45lb. Not sure if I am right, or if that changed.

  2. A used GPI-PRO Best. It is in pretty good condition, except for a couple of the heave wear spots: the right shoulder pad has some fabric wear and the back rings which had some rust, I was able to clear most of it though. A new torso pad would be 225 plus %8.5 tax as per PRO. I believe that would solve both issues, but I could be wrong. The waist pad is fine, and the chest pad is brand new. Buyer pays shipping, located in Atlanta GA.








  3. Selling a 3A arm with Gold Springs, Comes with bag and a 6-inch post. The arm is in great working condition, with the normal dings and scratches from it being used. For those who need some reassurance, I am willing to send the arm to Robert Luna in CA for an inspection, at my expense. If it all checks out the buyer would have to pay for shipping from there to its new home. I will also ask if he would replace the rubber stoppers that are missing from the middle of the arm, also at my expense. Asking for $4700 buyer pays for shipping. Thank you.






  4. Barely Used 702 High Bright. Went back to SmallHD for a checkup Has not been used since. Still has the plastic film from the factory on it. Comes with Sony Batteries, Chargers, V-mount Plate, Remote, LPE6 to P-tap battery, and Screen Protector. Buyer pays for shipping. Local Pick-ups in ATL welcome.
    7" Daylight Viewable 1080p Display
    1000 cd/m² Brightness
    1000:1 Contrast; 179° Viewing Angle
    Bonded Glass; Anti-Reflective Coating
    Waveform, Custom LUTs, De-Squeeze & More
    HD-SDI and HDMI Inputs and Outputs
    Dual L-Series and LP-E6 Battery Support
    Headphone Jack
    12 Switchable Pages of Favorite Features
    Aircraft Grade Aluminum Unibody
    Thank you.








  5. Thanks, Jerry,


    Corrected list:

    Master Series, Ultra, Shadow, M1: .740 (a shade under 3/4) ???

    3A, PRO ARM (Titan & Atlas?): .621, .623 (a shade under 5/8)

    Flyer, Pilot, Archer, ProVid: .495, .493 (a shade under 1/2)

    These leave room for "some tolerance for the arm post to fit easily into the gimbal handle" (Tom Wills) I feel the first number may still be wrong. Should it be lower than .740?


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