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  1. Hello everyone,


    I just want to compile a list of arm post sizes. Please add or correct me when I am wrong:


    Master Series, Ultra, Shadow, M1: .725 (3/4")

    3A, PRO ARM (Titan & Atlas?): .625 (5/8")

    Flyer, Pilot, Archer, ProVid: .500 (1/2")



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  2. Tiffen Steadicam Archer 2 SYSTEM w/G50X Arm and LX Vest - Location: Atlanta, GA - $22,000

    • Archer 2 sled with dovetail plate, IDX VMount, Non-Motorized tilting stage. 12V or 24V DC output.
    • Original 7" TFT (SD) Monitor. The sled was rewired by Tiffen (2016).
    • Small HD 702 High Bright. I have not gotten the chance to get a monitor yoke for it. Cam-Jam was willing to help me on that. https://shop.cam-jam.de/
    • LX Vest: Has new plastic lining (2016) as well as extra large knobs. I recently lost a springloaded stopper. I will ship to Tiffen and fix it at my expense before sale.
    • G50 arm with G50x spring upgrade (2016). The tale-tale sign of the upgrade is the silver screws. Just came back from Tiffen for the upgrade.
    • Archer 2 docking bracket
    • (1) Hex Wrench Included 1/4"
    • Thermodyne Case (all items fit in the case).

    • 4X V-mount batteries plus charger
    • Low Mode bracket ("F" Bracket)
    • SD Monitor Cable (Video/Power)
    • Decimator II (For use of SD monitor)
    • 3 Pin Lemo to 4 Pin XLRF (12V Power)
    • 3 Pin Lemo to 4X P-tap module
    • 3 Pin Lemo to RED Scarlet/Raven
    • 2.1 barrel to P-tap (Decimator II)
    • 2X short BNC Cables
    For the full kit: $22,000

    Kit with NO Vest or HD Monitor: $18,000

    Buyer Pays Shipping.

    Thank you for your time and attention!









  3. Hey Michael, I am starting the process of selling my Archer 2:


    Hello Here is the Archer 2 package:
    - Archer 2 sled with HD electronic Upgrade and Serviced by Tiffen (40lb - 18lg max capacity)
    - Original TFT Steadicam SD Monitor Daylight viewable.
    - Small HD 702 high-bright Monitor Upgrade, (Not yet installed but will sell as part of the package)
    - Decimator II, HD to SD converter Box for SD Monitor with power cables.
    - Sony Batteries, & Canon Batteries for Small HD Monitor.
    - 5 V-mount Batteries Plus Charger.
    - RED camera power cable to Sled, P-Tap power cable to sled (4X P-Taps), Arri power cable.
    - Low Mode Bracket, Docking Station, and other cables.
    - G50 with G50X springs, Serviced by Tiffen.
    - Ultra vest, Serviced by Tiffen.
    - Travel Case
    The Complete Package, $22,000
  4. Hey, I saw this topic and wanted to know if anyone can answer this question for me. BH has a New Vest for sale and with free shipping for $4500.


    This is a Goofy model. I thought switching to goofy was a matter of removing the socket part from the rods and putting them back in?

    I may be completely wrong, can someone educate me?

    Thank you.

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