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  1. Hey Christian, Tom Wills helped me with a few things on my Archer2. He measured around the the Top post and Bottom post of the sled. The top was consistent at 1.5, but the bottom had a variance like the measurements you're getting. For what its worth, I'm thinking you're accurate with the measurements.

    Thanks. I would like to replace my monitor bracket hence the measuring. Did you do something similar? If so how did you take off and put on the monitor system. Thanks.



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  2. Hey there everyone, I just measured my Archer 2 with a caliper instrument. I did it a couple of times, and either I suck at this or the instrument is a bit faulty, but I got slightly different measurements each time:


    1st Round:
    34.97 mm
    1.37.65 inch
    1 and 3/8 of an inch
    2nd Round:
    34.93 mm
    1.37.50 inch
    1 and 3/8 of an inch
    3rd Round:
    34.83 mm
    1.37.10 inch
    1 and 3/8 of an inch
    I am assuming a bit or decimal error maybe OK.
  3. Dropping the price to 2,700.


    Some people have asked about the price versus the new price on letus' website. If you select the options below on the letus website, the price of what you would be paying for this rig new is 4,425.00.


    3 Axis,

    Second Operator Ready: $100

    Two Batteries: $175

    Charger: $60

    D-Tap: $75

    Custom Carrying Case: $400


    You will still have to pay for shipping.


    The Price used is: $2700.00


    That is a discount of $1725, which is 40% off of the price new, for a barely used rig.

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