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  1. Time to unload my trusty Archer 2. Has been good to me for many years now. Archer 2 with Anton Bauer mounts 2 Stage Post Steadicam Tilt Head DP7 PRO Monitor (comes with power cable powered with Anton Bauer mount on back), I used this 3rd battery mount for both monitor power and more weight to keep sled length shorter. Steadicam Dock Archer 2 Plate Original Thermodyne Steadicam Case Batteries and Stand not Included $10,000 OBO Located in Philly. PM for more.
  2. Selling my back up monitor with Tom Wills Monitor Yoke. Marshall vlcd651stx Few small scratches on monitor. I am not sure of the version of yoke it is. Comes with AB mounting plate, just need the AB mount. $400 OBO I am willing to sell the Yoke Seperately if there is interest.
  3. Insane is the best word I have for the movie. Like nothing I've seen before. However its impact on my wife and I was an unexpected one. We saw it Saturday night and it captivated our attention the entire time (so much I found it hard to contemplate or break down the movie and what was going on while I watched it- it was just that fast). Just like Peter said, for that reason like so many other great movies of its kind, you want to see it again to see what you missed. But then Sunday night we went and saw "The Imitation Game", great movie in its own right. But I found myself and my wife yawning. Of course two entirely different styles of movie making, but if I had to do it over again I think I would have waited at least a few more days if not a week to see another movie!
  4. Either do I Curt, thanks for the quick response and the schematic!
  5. So I purchased a used Sachtler ACT2 Vest from over seas. Long story short the vest was broken down by the packaging company and taken apart for shipping! Everything down to the middle spar (chest plate) where they took off the allan keys. In opening the package with the middle spar (chest plate) I was very lucky to find 2 springs the size of my fingernail for God's sake fall out onto the counter. I believe they belong in the small metal piece at the bottom of the middle spar as seen in the pic provided because that piece is now loose, but I am not sure. I cannot find a schematic or manual for the vest or any help really. I have a few calls out but no contact back. If anyone owns or knows this vest and knows where these springs belong or if I am potentially missing other VERY SMALL parts please let me know! Thanks!
  6. Lots of interest, this one is sure to go soon. BUMP
  7. Steadicam LX Vest For Sale. GREAT condition vest. Has the upgrade with cross straps in the back. Will ship worldwide. $2500 OBO FREE SHIPPING adam@adamsteadi.com
  8. Hello All, I was curious if anyone can chime in on field and practical experience involving the life of their Anton Bauer Gold Mount batteries. I understand applying total wattage to the correct batteries, and I understand the basics of the batteries when their in use in the field. I am more interested in understanding how to extend the life of the batteries when they are NOT IN USE for extended periods of time. I have researched and heard different theories. I have also read the Anton Bauer battery handbook which is mostly helpful. I know the following: -Keeping the battery on the charger is best practice (I am curious if the charger actually has to be on? I have noticed with my Dionics if they are still attached and the charger is not plugged in that the hour meter does not show, is this an indication of hybernation?) (Even if this is the best method it is certainly not the most economical) -Dont store above 104 deg -Don't let the charge run out completely -For extended periods of time put in a sealed bag and place in refrigerator (per Anton Bauer battery handbook, I have not tried this yet but I think I may start doing this) (Is this necessary for the HCX line since they have the motion detection "deep sleep" setting?) I've called Anton Bauer before and they are super helpful, and I'm sure Mr. John Ritter can chime in but I am also interested to hear from others. I own the Dionic90, HC, and HCX ones. I also own the Tandem and Twin charger. Thanks!
  9. I agree Karl. Its not the price point I'm focusing on here, the recorder is only a $300 item. But if you buy a $300 LEMO and it crapps out in 6 months are you going to go back to that same guy or company to buy again? Its the reputation of the company across different product lines. I wouldn't have made the post if there weren't other people in worse scenarios. I have heard horror stories with their cameras in which the company has basically said go f yourself (Oh I know, they only run $3k so what am I complaining about for a 4k camera at that price). I will take my business elsewhere, and that is the point of the post. Too many companies are not standing behind their products (Cinetronics as of late, and there seems to be a growing number of others). These companies need to be held accountable whether it is a $300 product or an $80,000 product. The point is that we have choices, and making the public or community in which we are involved with aware of the choices that the companies decide to make with us is a way to keep them accountable whether their products are affordable or not.
  10. I like to update people from time to time on the support that is received or not received from the many companies we shovel money to for their products. After all what good is it to sell a product if the company doesn't back it up or offer a repair service? Yesterday I purchased a used Blackmagic Hyperdeck Shuttle from another local Op that was hard-wire modded for 4 pin XLR power. He told me that the SDI IN was non-functional so I figured I could call the company, send it in for repair and have a back up recording option on my sled for demo recording purposes. I already own one and it works great. So after my inquiry to Blackmagic this is the reply I received about 5 minutes later: "Hello Adam, Thank you for contacting us. We do not have any diagnostic repair services. If the port isn't physically broken off there really isn't anything that we can offer as far as diagnosing the issue and repairing. All the Best, XXXXXXXXX Technical Support Representative Blackmagic Design Inc. " I know its only a few hundred dollars to buy another recorder but seriously what good is the company if they offer no solution to your problem? I have also heard horror stories as to BMCC owners and issues with their cameras and the horrible service they received if they received any service at all. As for any future purchases with this company I was ever considering, I think we all know the answer to that.
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