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  1. Hans Hellner Rickshaw Dolly. This is the Rolls Royce of rickshaws. Everything is modular and adjustable. Truly a fine piece of German engineering. This comes with transport cases, balloon tires and steadicam mount. More information at: http://www.rickshawdolly.com/en/index.shtml As per their price list this package is currently $ 16k plus shipping. Price for this lightly used unit: $12k Unit can be inspected and picked up in Mount Vernon, NY. Could potentially ship via freight of your choice.
  2. For Sale: Steadicam Segway. Handsfree Transporter with knee steering column and steadicam mount. Can of course also be used for gimbal, handheld etc. Almost new tires. Unit was always stored indoors on a trickle charge to keep those batteries happy. I also have a set of offroad tires (not pictured). Unit can be inspected, tried out and picked up in Mount Vernon, NY (which is just north of the Bronx). Local pickup only. Can potentially deliver in and around NYC. Price: $5000
  3. Definitely too cheap :-) - congratulations to the new owner !!!
  4. They make glasses that have gradient correction transitions in them. There is a term for that that escapes me right now. Basically bifocals that are not really bifocals.
  5. For future reference: Trinity don't roll much.... (it is currently limited to under 180 degrees due to cable constraints).
  6. I have a Volt on a Pro Gimbal and it works like a charm. You are not inverting the sled during a move with the Volt. So you won't have the problem that you might have on the Trinity. Volt and Trinity are two very different contraptions...
  7. I would advise you to check in with Pro before you put a Trinity onto that sled. I have never seen a Trinity on a Pro sled (I used to own an Artemis Trinity Rig) but I believe there may be some issues because the Pro Gimbal was never designed to transition from 'high' to 'low' in one go.
  8. Good luck with your sale. I just want to dispel the notion that a Ronin 2 on top of a steadicam makes a 'poor man's Trinity'. Because it really does not. None of the shots in your video would require a Trinity by the way. Could all be done with a regular steadicam.
  9. I can only speak from my personal experience and the rigs that I have owned. I had a Swiss Made Actioncam, a Tiffen Ultra2c and an Arri Artemis / Trinity prior to my current Pro rig and the Pro is by far the best I have ever owned. I really enjoy the simplicity of the design and the 'feel' of the precision engineering. Of the above Pro has also shown to have by far the best support.
  10. I have a totally overpriced transvideo with all the bells and whistles. And I have a SmallHD 703 - which I actually prefer.
  11. for a custom built. can be non-functional.
  12. you don't happen to still that - do you ? also: which battery hanger is that for ?
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