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  1. They make glasses that have gradient correction transitions in them. There is a term for that that escapes me right now. Basically bifocals that are not really bifocals.
  2. For future reference: Trinity don't roll much.... (it is currently limited to under 180 degrees due to cable constraints).
  3. I have a Volt on a Pro Gimbal and it works like a charm. You are not inverting the sled during a move with the Volt. So you won't have the problem that you might have on the Trinity. Volt and Trinity are two very different contraptions...
  4. I would advise you to check in with Pro before you put a Trinity onto that sled. I have never seen a Trinity on a Pro sled (I used to own an Artemis Trinity Rig) but I believe there may be some issues because the Pro Gimbal was never designed to transition from 'high' to 'low' in one go.
  5. Good luck with your sale. I just want to dispel the notion that a Ronin 2 on top of a steadicam makes a 'poor man's Trinity'. Because it really does not. None of the shots in your video would require a Trinity by the way. Could all be done with a regular steadicam.
  6. I can only speak from my personal experience and the rigs that I have owned. I had a Swiss Made Actioncam, a Tiffen Ultra2c and an Arri Artemis / Trinity prior to my current Pro rig and the Pro is by far the best I have ever owned. I really enjoy the simplicity of the design and the 'feel' of the precision engineering. Of the above Pro has also shown to have by far the best support.
  7. I have a totally overpriced transvideo with all the bells and whistles. And I have a SmallHD 703 - which I actually prefer.
  8. for a custom built. can be non-functional.
  9. you don't happen to still that - do you ? also: which battery hanger is that for ?
  10. well - I did not exactly 'make' it. I merely drilled a bunch of holes into my Moses pole and bolted a cannibalized piece of the Volt Dock onto it.
  11. Just got my DB3s. Can only say they are both fantastic top stages. The DB3s feels like it is built like a tank. I do like the easy 'secure lock' locking mechanism. This top stage is slightly longer and presumable a little bit better with potential dovetail flex. I do like the way the 15mm LW rods attach. They are only screwed in on the Betz, which means if you put a motor on on of them without an additional bridge bracket the rods will most probably get torqued off by the motors and become loose. The Betz stage has a little bubble level in the back that I dearly miss on the DB3s.
  12. I literally just got a Betz top stage. Machining seems extremely nice. I wish there was a 'hard stop' for the clamping mechanism and a safety release that kicks in when the dovetail plate is not already sliding. Make sure you have those little safety screws on your plate. I have seen a fully rigged alexa just slide out of a betz stage and crash on the sidewalk when a grip who was carrying it accidentally got caught on the release lever. wasn't pretty. currently contemplating a DBIIIs for my second sled / superpost. But they seem to be 'slightly' delayed ....
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