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  1. axel ebermann

    Steadicam M1 Volt

  2. axel ebermann

    Arri Artemis / Trinity System

  3. axel ebermann

    Arri Artemis / Trinity System

  4. axel ebermann

    Betz Top Stage or Pro DB-3?

    I literally just got a Betz top stage. Machining seems extremely nice. I wish there was a 'hard stop' for the clamping mechanism and a safety release that kicks in when the dovetail plate is not already sliding. Make sure you have those little safety screws on your plate. I have seen a fully rigged alexa just slide out of a betz stage and crash on the sidewalk when a grip who was carrying it accidentally got caught on the release lever. wasn't pretty. currently contemplating a DBIIIs for my second sled / superpost. But they seem to be 'slightly' delayed ....
  5. axel ebermann

    Arri Artemis / Trinity System

    Sorry I won't. I've been asked a couple of questions about that so let me explain this: The only thing you need for a Trinity sled to become a regular Artemis / steadicam sled is an additional battery hanger. The Trinity still requires most parts of a regular Artemis sled - aka the post, top stage (which becomes the bottom stage) etc. best
  6. SALE PENDING For sale is an Arri Artemis / Trinity system. This is a full system to either use it as a regular steadicam sled or a trinity. Please note that for the regular sled you will need to get a monitor bracket and monitor (I am currently using a transvideo monitor and camjam bracket and I am keeping those). You also need a monitor for the Trinity. I am currently using a SmallHD 503 high bright – but you can also use the Transvideo 5” Starlite. The system is about 18 months old and was purchased new from Arri in Blauvelt, New York. It was regularly serviced and is in perfect working condition. Artemis Sled is in very good condition with one very minor scratch on top stage and some inevitable superficial scratches on the gimbal cap where you dock. Trinity head has seen little use and is in mint condition. The battery plates have been customized with cheese plates to accommodate accessories such as wireless video etc. Included are: - Artemis Cine Broadcast 1.8'' sled / AB batteries - 3rd AB Plate (under post) - artemis Camera Plate 8'' - artemis Post Tool 1.8'' / 1.5'' - post extension - rain cover for bottom hanger - 2 x docking / balancing bracket - Trinity head - Trinity joystick & cable - Power cables for bottom stage Trinity - Power cables for regular monitor (lemo 2pin) and Transvideo Starlite 5” - Focus power out > D-tap power splitter x 2 - Alexa Mini Power cable - Fisher Arri 24V Power cable - Amira control cable - extra mounting / accessory plate for Trinity / Artemis rods (pictured gyro is not included) - Tenba storage and transport case for Trinity head I wish I would not have to say this but: No barter, no trades, no discounts, no installments, no financing, no tire kicking, no nonsense. For the inevitable “why are you selling question”: As an equipment owner I buy and sell gear all the time. The Trinity is a brilliant and unique piece of equipment. But I have decided to prioritize other aspects of my work. The system is located and can be inspected just North of New York City. Buyer can pickup or pay for shipping of choice. New Value around $ 62k. Price: US $ 49,500k high rez pictures of all parts / details / accessories are here https://www.dropbox.com/sh/uc44w3649inot63/AAAL887oOAfwYhmV83wQ191Ya?dl=0
  7. axel ebermann

    SmallHD 703 Ultrabright On-board Monitor

    are you located in the US ?
  8. what a nice kit !!! some basic price guidance would be nifty. I'd be interested in the sled should you decide to break up the kit.
  9. axel ebermann

    bouncing provid arm

    Couple of things: There are not many arms where you don't see your steps at all. The bad news is that the Provid ain't one of them. Do the toe test: Let go off the sled - go on your tippy toes. If your sled and camera rises with you - well - you know what's up. However that does not mean you can't train with it - it just won't be perfect. Very few people (without a trust fund) buy a $15-20k Tiffen or Pro arm as their first rig. Generally arms work best when they are almost maxed out on their capacity. If your camera is very light for your arm and the springs are quite 'stiff' just add a weight plate. Technically heavy objects have more inertia and should therefore have less 'wiggle and bounce' to them. Hope this helps and happy flying :-)
  10. axel ebermann

    Vertical bouncing/Wave

    So did you solve your issue ? Every single stabilized 'gimbal on a stick' - wave, trinity you name it - has a bit of that 'side-to-side' weaving. Basically the roll axis stabilization keeps your horizon straight. but the camera still moves a bit side-to-side as the sled goes off balance.
  11. axel ebermann

    garfield mount

    sorry guys. that thing literally sold within 30 seconds....
  12. axel ebermann

    garfield mount

    Some cosmetic wear and tear. Good working condition. I'll throw in USPS Priority Shipping within the Continental US. I believe it is this guy (new): https://cvp.com/product/steadicam_800-7900 picture here: (sorry about the dropbox link but this page hates me as far as posting pictures is concerned) https://www.dropbox.com/s/aqdzfuofn7j3nnl/garfield.jpeg?dl=0
  13. axel ebermann

    Rickshaw in Munich/Nuremberg?

    Hans Hellner in Hamburg who makes the Rickshaw Dolly will know if somebody has one of his next level rickshaws in the area. http://www.rickshawdolly.com
  14. axel ebermann

    wireless teleprompter for steadicam

    thanks. I'll make sure to throw a Decimator into my case.
  15. axel ebermann

    wireless teleprompter for steadicam

    thanks. however I am not going to plan on buying anything. my vision would be to have a prompter guy who rolls in with everything he/she needs. (a man can always dream)