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  1. Hi Christopher. I would like to buy your wave. Please PM me . Marc@Prill.biz
  2. Selling my ProVid2 Arm and Vest. Great for Starters working on lighter Cameras. I used it for two years with Arri SR3 after I bought it used. Email me for questions or inquiries at Marc@Prill.biz. The parts are in Germany . Asking : 2500 USD vest and arm Buyer pays shipping. Cheers
  3. Dear William. I sent you a Message some days ago. So I try it again. Please send me an Email with your Email contact that we can talk about your silver spring arm wich I would like to buy . Regards Marc Marc@Prill.biz
  4. Dear William. Im interested in your silver spring arm. Please send me an Email for contact. Thanx

    Regards Marc


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